A little bit feedback about UI

Hello y’all.

As this is my first post let me say I’ve been playing GD quite a while and been following the developement quite actively from the background I’m just gonna say that awesome job with the game and keep up with the good work.

Now that the expansion is pushed out finally after all these months in overall the quality seems to be great. But there has been few minor things that’s been bugging (at least) me. It all has to do with the UI what expansion changes around.
In overall little things but somewhat annoying and have given some thought about them and I just don’t think that it has been given a thought on the dev side that much.

My experiences uses the default UI size and resolution 1080p

And it seems like image posting for a fresh account is forbidden so I really can’t try nothing but to explain this without an image to point out what I’m gonna try to explain here.

First I’m gonna hit the stash screen. I’m just gonna be blunt and straightforward about explanation. The buttons: “Auto-sort” “Complete components” and the “Item stash” buttons are wayyy too small and the placement of the buttons are completely weird and doesn’t feel natural at all. They should be on par with the normal inventory meaning 1st button would be “Auto-sort” second would be “Complete components” and after some space in the same line should be the third “Item stash” button. Also I’m just gonna say the tab buttons are way too big now and not even sure the placement is good. They dont feel tabs. They feel more like blunt buttons and “treasure chests” than tabs. Also the icons are not on par with the width of the stash itself which I just noticed. edit: I’m gonna add here that also the UI doesn’t save your stash setting. What I mean it always pull your character personal stash out first, you need to switch out with the button to the shared stash and after that even to the right tab. It’s just messy and frustrates a bit to do this every single time. And we all know that shared stash is the one that players mostly use anyway.

Secondly I’m just wondering the reasoning behind just changing orders of the buttons of masteries in the Skill tree window. The original one was pretty much perfect already. Also the Undo buttons new placement is kind of pointless.

So basically what has happened here is that the previously placed original UI elements were smooth has been now scattered all over the place and shattered the smoothness and artificially has made players to move the mouse way too much in unnecessary way.

I really hope some changes about concerning these elements because they feel somewhat out of place. And of course I’m happy to try to explain these a bit more specific way.