A Little Introduction and Salutations

Hello! :smiley:

My name is Yalin, from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m a psychological counselor and I work at a private high school as the head of the psycological counseling department. I’m 32 years old and have spent most of my computer gaming with ARPG games. I have an administration history on an Ultima Online role-playing shard, which was one of the best experiences in my life considering computer games. And now I’m pretty excited about this game and community.

Having a chance to contribute to a promising game whose developers have provided me entertaining times with their masterpiece Titan Quest, is really exciting. I’ll read all the material in the forums about gameplay and will try to come up with useful ideas, hopefully.

Anyways. Hi again…

Welcome, and as an aside, you wrote a nice introductory post.

Welcome to the GD family! I’m sure you’ll fit right in here, don’t worry about all the borderline personalities, we all enjoy this mad house!

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Thank you.

And thanks to all for warm welcome. :slight_smile:

This is no mad house! This is the sanest place around. :wink:

Welcome to the Cult of Crate, Yalin.

Coming from the person that carries out sacrifices in the name of the High Lords of Crate, that doesn’t sound too convincing, DragonWolf :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, welcome Yalin! I hope you enjoy your stay on these forums! :smiley:
Younghappy :slight_smile:

Careful what you say to DragonWolf, otherwise you will be on tonight’s sacrifice list yourself

we are all very sane here

and welcome oyalinkaya and make yourself at home

DragonWolf wouldn’t sacrifice a fellow Aussie would she? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maaaaaaybe… :smiley:

Aussie, Hungarian, Turkish, Chinese, Italian… I’m not that picky to tell you the truth, especialy when people just seem to throw themselves onto the sacraficial alter. :stuck_out_tongue:

on a side note I appear to be turning into the Grim Dawn boogylady. You know, the kind that people threaten thier children with to encourage good behaviour.

If this mad house is something like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGHsxMqpL0c, I would happily be Mr. Brown. Where are my pills again? :smiley:

BTW, I would not wish I had wake up. :rolleyes:


Except if people don’t listen to your threats, you actually carry out sacrifices to show that you really weren’t joking :p:D

True. Besides, a threat is a hollow thing if you don’t carry through with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You really are an intimidating High Priestess, you know that right? :eek::stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forums and the community! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

Every sane person meows sometimes.

only if you get on the wrong side of her, then DragonWolf will show her fury, Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!!!

then you really will be in trouble! :D:p

Another Turkish guy is here :stuck_out_tongue:

And a guy from Izmir is attending the forums. Hello neighbor. I was in Cesme, a few weeks ago. I miss the lovely breeze that shields you from the heat. Istanbul is a crowded oven. :smiley:

Who is he ? :smiley: Also I am from Tekirdag :eek: