A loot filter bug or extremely impossible to find relic recipe for "Squall" needs addressed.

I have three level 100 characters and two that are 60-70. I cannot find the recipe for ‘Squall’. I looked it up and realized it was magic (the recipe is magic rarity) and that from the start of the game, I have hidden magic items on my loot filter on all my characters. It should be tested by the devs to see if this hides it. If it doesn’t, this mechanic definitely needs change. I shouldn’t be held back from crafting multiple end game items and relics because I can’t find this silly recipe.


Yep. That’s the page I visited before posting this feedback. I reloaded Steelcap for about an hour and tried several SoT runs and never got the recipe from the vendors. I’m not sure it even sells in Steelcap unless its just extremely rare.

Another day, another 3 hours of play wasted searching for the Squall recipe. I understand ARPGs are supposed to have random loot drop but its frustrating being forced to farm lvl 25-30 content when you want to play one of your end game characters. I don’t think this type of low level item should be so rare.

If it doesn’t drop then just GDStash it and get on with playing the game.

Not all people use 3rd party applications. You can google the number of past posts about people not being able to find squall recipe. It’s a design flaw that needs to be addressed by Crate. As for my update on my efforts to find Squall…I still haven’t found it and I’ve spent an additional 10-12 hours solely targeting it. I’m not sure how the game has made it this long without this being addressed.

There is nothing special about the Squall relic relative to others.

They all have the same drop rate and there are vendors with cycling items for sale for those with bad luck. Somebody even linked you the list of them.

So I’m not sure what it is you want us to fix considering the options already exist.

Thanks for the reply but the list is incorrect as I spent 2+ hours cycling the Steelcap vendor and it never appeared and others have mentioned that squall does not sell there. The SoT guy generally has 1 random recipe which is normally some sort of oil. Once I get more time to play I will go farm a different vendor. But, I’ll stop posting about it since it apparently isn’t an issue that end game crafting is gated behind a level 28 item and I’ve been searching for it exclusively for almost a week. I figured when the best solution offered from other players was the use of a 3rd party application and there is a huge list of other players having the same issue that it could simply be a design issue.

My guess is you’re doing so on a high level character, he switches over to Transcendent Relic blueprints past a certain level.

The Roguelike dungeon vendors always sell the Empowered Relics.

I will however make it so he retains the means to sell Empowered Relics in addition regardless of level.

In general though, if you are farming for low-level blueprints on a high level character, you are actually diluting the drop pool because higher level Blueprints enter the pool.

I can attest that the loot filter does not hide recipes as I’m still finding random Magic recipes and I have mine filtered to Double Rares and Legendary only. You’re just having a string of bad luck.

If you want to do it through farming, some bosses have higher chances to drop blueprints, check out this thread:


You’ll need a char within the appropriate level though.