A moment of silence for everyone who's ever crafted items for physical resistance


MONSTER’S physical damage is the best and noblest damage in our game. How dare we risist it?:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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formidable prefix changing i can live with
changing stoneplate phys res to 30DA i find, questionable at best, intrepid warboots CC res just got even more value than it already had before…


Errr…Isn’t it quite simple to reach over 80 normal risistance at the most time? If you have 80+30 poison res, 80+30 vitality res, why not increase your phy res by 5% or even 10%?
Not all the changes that they made are reasonable, dear guy.

what is the question? or response? i don’t get it, which part are you referring to - reread my comment perhaps?

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I seem to misunderstand your meaning. I thought you were saying intrepid warboots’ res are better. Sorry.
But I must say you are sometimes kind of too tolerant of their bad change, guy.:pensive:

it’s still in playtesting and the change could benefit those builds which are really desperate for phys resist, I wouldn’t call it downright bad immediately or just yet.

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i’m saying Intrepid warboots have been popular for a while because of CC res (not poison/vit res)
since 30 DA is bad compensation for 4 phys res, means stoneplates became totally worthless and intrepid warboots “more” popular (“by default”/because there is no other decent choice now/stoneplates is waste)

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if stoneplate greaves receive petrify they are MINE! xD

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I hope things can become better…Those BDs seem not to gain much benefit through the change–their phy res become even lower, yet Sunder is strengthened…Thinking about that they didn’t listen to everyone and gave Sunder a super high figure when updating to v1.2, I’m not very optimistic now.:face_with_spiral_eyes:

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ye petrify seem to be hard to come by for some builds, so “something”
kinda curious why it didnt’ get armour replacement when other phys res vanish did :smile:


Yeah… Let’s take a look at this build, for example:

Right now it can have up to 25% phys res. So let me get this straight: in it’s gonna have at most 7% phys res, which is more than three times less the resist, but it’ll get a bit of HP as compensation? On a melee build, Defiler no less? Sounds pretty fucked up to me, unless monster phys damage is reduced by at least 50% across the board.

Also, nice health regen nerf. I knew it’s gonna happen again, but shit man, sometimes I hate being right.

In addition to crafting items, also anyone who has ever spent a significant amount of time farming items like shields and off-hands with good phys-res prefixes. All of that stuff is pretty much worthless now. Kind of feels like Crate is taking a grenade and throwing it into everyone’s item assistant at this point. I’m not saying all of the changes are bad or anything like that, and I can live with some of my farming for future builds being rendered pointless, but this is a pretty massive shift going forward in terms of what affixes are worth keeping on items.

I agree that the Stoneplate Greaves doesn’t look good now, changing physical resist for a small amount of DA doesn’t look interesting.

I would rather have Freeze resist instead of 30 DA
I lot of build tends to have a hard time with freeze resist

Otherwise only the Intrepid Warboots will be used.

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How did you do the math there? :thinking: From 25% to 7% Phys res is precisely 24% more Phys damage taken which would be compensated by ~20% Physical damage damage reduction across the board. Unless I’m making some stupid mistake / you have sth different in mind.

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All comments of balance aside, this category of change is really the only one I’m not a fan of.

This is a stark transition away from a status quo that had lasted years, beginning well before the power creep that saw Crucible times be so severely minimized, and well before we had SR to begin with. This is a change that both invalidates untold-hours’ worth of pursuit of ideal chase items, but also removes the resource sink that was the crafting of these items to begin with. And now we’ll be back to square one, with new players and veterans alike asking, “What am I supposed to spend all this iron/materia on?”

To which, as far as I can tell, there isn’t really an answer.

It also all feels a bit cyclical; Stoneplates, Emberguards, and Plagueguards were all (theoretically) created to help niche builds get access to rarer stats that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. OA/DA are hardly rare, and 30 isn’t going to make or break the bank in that regard either. Of course, one could argue that % Phys Res was beginning to become too common too (which I would agree with) but these items were always an original case that predated the sprinkling of % Phys Res everywhere.

However the metagame might shift when the dust settles from the Physical Damage/Sunder changes, or from the addition of Ascendant mode, niche builds are again going to be asking for X or Y to give them some competitive edge, and new items or new stat additions to existing items will need to be sprinkled elsewhere. It’s a song and dance that I’ve been seeing for… (checks Steam) nearly seven years now, since Ashes of Malmouth.


Yeh idk man…
adjusting phys res. accordingly across the board ofc makes sense with the changes to phys dmg but removing it entirely from so many pieces of gear is VERY questionable imo.


Yes, but I never said it’s about damage taken, I said that this build’s phys res got reduced ~3,6 times. As you know, phys res nerfs were never so drastic, usually builds would go from, say, 35% to 32%, which is fine.

When you factor in Sunder (and it getting buffed), well, at least 50% reduction to phys damage doesn’t seem so extreme now. But I know it’s not gonna happen.

my point is more in the discrepancy in item value
formidable changing means that prefix gets the same value on any item, drop/crafted
stoneplate changing phys res to DA (personally don’t think that’s good value), means you took the only reason to make stoneplates in the first place, and tossed it out the window - and people were already looking decently favourable at warboots after it got the high CC res; who will look favourable/incentiviced at crafting stoneplates now for a mere 30da boost vs its phys res (and yes obv if it kept phys res it would likely be the main craft now - so it’s more the compensation need to have more worth)

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