A(nother) way to reduce CPU clogging / smooth the experience

Hm, must be an intel only thing, or cpu only thing. No improvements here, on A10-6800k.

Tried disabling cores 1 and 3. No difference. Then re-enabled them and changed options.txt maxresourcethreads to 4. No difference.

33-36 FPS on top of Fort Ikon. All settings maxed except 2x anti-aliasing and 2x anisotropic.

Oh well, it was worth a shot. Glad that people are reporting improvements from this though.:slight_smile:

How to do you reset the CPU affinity to default value ? I checked all the cores manually (got a duo but 4 logical) now it display a black screen and when i try to set back the values and i restart the game all the cpu all still checked (while it was only the 0 and the 2 before) ?

Edit : I just deleted options.txt and now i’ve got the game back on my screen, but still all the cores are checked on CPU affinity.

Changing the core affinities did nothing to fix my micro stutter.

Your small program has also helped my performance a great deal! Thank you!

I hope Crate address this issue soon though since even with your affinity trick I still get slowdown with large hordes of enemies. Not as bad as before but still noticeable.

Used this method on my i7-4770k to increase FPS in clustered areas from about 20 to 28~. Game still unfathomably unoptimized though :confused:

What’s the name of this CPU usage monitoring tool? Looks sweet…

I’m sorry, I had overlooked your writing. It is the function “Resource Monitor” which Windows10 (Probably also with win7 or win8) has.
Run “Task Manager” > Open “Performance” tab > click “Open Resource Monitor” at window bottom > Open “CPU” tab… done!

See this for details. Information will come out in large numbers by the Web search.

This tool is amazing! I went from running the game with all settings maxed at 2048x1152 and struggling to keep it over 50 fps to getting between 60 and 120 fps with this tool. Really nice to see this game use my FX-9590 appropriately.

This tool doesn’t work for me. Setting CPU affinity for Grim Dawn has Failed. Error code 5.

CPU: I5 2500k
OS: Windows 10 64 bit

I just finished running the tool on mine with no errors. First time using it tho. Perhaps its a permission issue? Try running it as administrator?

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Its not a permission issue. It just doesn’t work. Whatever error code 5 is would be the reason.

Just a suggestion. I have no idea what error code 5 is either.

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I’ve tried similar types of programs before for some other games and they never worked either, and nobody could ever tell me why they didn’t work. Unfortunately I’m not knowledgeable enough to troubleshoot it either. Looks like another one of those cases where it works or it don’t and there isn’t anything I can do unless someone knows what error code 5 is.

But I feel like these are performance enhancements that Crate should be able to do to the game. Why is the game putting the entire load on 1 core anyway? That doesn’t even make any sense with 2016 hardware. Or even 2010 hardware. If a simple enhancement can make the game spread the load out why isn’t there at least a “multicore” option box in the settings?

I’m not knowledgeable enough to answer that myself. I do know that the entire load doesn’t sit on just one core for me (i5-3350P). Mine stays between 70-90-ish while the other cores fluctuate between 5-30. Rhis has stated many times that they do offload various tasks to the other cores as they can and I’m inclined to believe him.

People that experience full 100 load are experiencing a separate issue of some kind related to I dunno what. I have seen mention that if you have hyperthreading support for your cpu and it’s enabled in the bios, disabling it can help with GD.

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I was able to set the affinity manually. I5 processors don’t have HT.

Although the improvement is negligible at best.

This is an I5 2500k @ 4.4ghz.

Now, the particular build I’m using is an AAR build with lots of fire and explosions going on all over the screen almost all the time, and my FPS dips into the low 30s frequently. But this is probably a worst case scenario. Even after setting the affinity. I’m seeing maybe a 10% improvement if that. Barely noticeable. Even setting everything to medium settings only gets me maybe 10fps over everything completely maxed.

thank you very much, setting the cpu affinity helped a lot.

Also what was an improvement for me as well, was setting the pre rendered frames from standard 3 to 1, in the nvidia settings.

I went from 42 fps in Devil’s Crossing to steady 60 fps.

I72600 770gtx

thank you very much, setting the cpu affinity helped a lot me too.
nice job

I’m honestly at a loss. Played the base game just yesterday, no troubles at all. Installed the expansion today, stutters like fucking crazy. All the settings are the same, tried all the aforementioned tricks, Googled, nothing worked. I can click the ground to move, then 2 seconds later he’ll move, but it’s extremely choppy. Anybody have any suggestions at all? Makes me wanna refund the game until it’s more stable.

Sorry to hear you are facing such issue with your game but funny part (well, kind of) is that I was doing some Google search in order to try improving my game experience (it’s not bad but I really want to increase in game resolution and keep it running smooth) in GD since as new extension went out and it happened that you just posted your message yesterday on this trade that is old from last year. Unfortunately, I do think most of the issues are again, related to the fact the engine here is very old and that’s a shame considering how good the game is. Still, I don’t think your game should be running as bad as you mentioned so probably something to further investigate here.

Guess I’ll keep looking. Thanks.