A Query on Controller Functionality

The addition of controller compatibility was a game changer for me. I love it, but I’ve noticed a rather small and particular drawback that I haven’t seen addressed. Controller users seem to have no access to some mouse specific skill and default attack interactions.

In keyboard mode, the mouse key and hot key functions work slightly differently. One difference is that when you hold down the button bound to an attack skill that has a cooldown while that skill is on cooldown, your character will spam default attacks instead. For builds using skills like Amarasta’s Blade Burst, this is very useful. This interaction also seems to allow your character to continue default attacking even if locked out of the ability bound to the mouse button which is very useful for builds using attack replacers. To my knowledge, only left and right click skill slots have this functionality. The hot keys do not. Holding the hot key button bound to Amarasta’s Blade Burst will yield no default attacks.

That brings us to controllers. When you swap to controller mode, the slots that would have been left and mouse button are replaced by life and mana pots. That leaves only hot keys to bind skills to. This means that controllers cannot currently take advantage of the quality of life functions mentioned above. While this drawback is certainly in no way game breaking and can be overcome by keeping a button bound to default attack, I would love to be able to utilize the mouse button functionally on a controller.

My questions are:
-Has anyone else run into this situation?
-Is there a work around that I am not aware of?
-Can steam controllers get around this?
-How difficult would it be to code the ability to unbind the potion slots to allow other skills to be utilized with mouse button functionality?
-Is the ability to rebind the two mouse skills something keyboard users would benefit from?

Thanks for your time!