A question about level of gear

Hey guys,

so after many hours of starting new characters and trying different combinations I settled on two. I have a nightblade/occultist and a demolitionist/occultist. The demo combo is a dual wield pistol setup and the nightblade combo is a dual wield poison based shadow strike set up. So my question is this. When I get to level 85 do I need to be using the highest level gear for my set ups? I mean while playing my nightblade I picked up two legendary pistols that are level 50 and some armour and a belt and stuff. Is this going to be good enough at level 85 if it fits the build well or is there always better gear for my characters at higher levels? The two pistols I picked up are deviltongue (hoping to find another of these) and a pistol called havoc. I also picked up some voidsteel gloves, a devil cage hauberk, golemborn greaves and a hammerfall girdle. I also picked up an empowered gunslingers jacket so might switch to that at level 65 even though the hauberk gives insane armour and fire resistance. I understand there are some really rare legendary pistol that might make my shooty build work better but for the moment will these guns and armour be sufficient?

Sorry for all the long questions, just think it best to be thorough and precise when asking questions.

Help as always appreciated.

No you don’t need to use highest level of gear possible. You just want to find best possible items that make your vision of the build better. There are some really good lower level legendary items that are perfectly able to still be used at level 85.

I have builds who walk around in mostly level 50-65 gear. Level of the gear doesn’t dictate very well how actually good the items is, so i wouldn’t worry about the item level.

yes even if example your shoulders have life leach of 63% and health regen of 12 and health regen of + 18% and weak in armour of 302 and only lvl 50 like mine you won’t change this ever as what’s writen in the armour is much better than armour def even if you find a 502 which has all + damages and + elemental damage and even if it has bonus to pets and higher defence and lvl you’d still go for the lvl 50 one with much bewtter writting

Depending on your build, it’s absolutely possible that your Pyromancer will never find anything better than Deviltongue (lvl 50) and Exterminus (lvl 65) in combination.

There are only 3 lvl 75 pistols anyway, and those are highly specialized (aether-elemental/mage, physical/soldier and pierce-vitality/nightblade)

Naasir: I’m following a build guide from the compendium which focuses on chaos and fire damage. I’m actually think about just using two empowered oathbreakers if I can’t find another deviltongue or anything similar. I’ve been using empowered leander’s and a deviltongue and it is still doing a ton of damage. Really like the cocktail from empowered leander’s and if I pick up another one may even switch out my deviltongue, even though it is excellent. I’m not even sure what a shooty nightblade would look like? that seems a rather odd combination.

So are there legendaries that are extremely rare? Like I’ve been looking for some good mage gear for my mate with a panetti’s build and it seems like crate completely missed the boat on that. I looked at graceful dusk and there don’t seem to be any good legendaries that fit his build. Though I was only looking at legendaries up to level 65 as don’t want to spoil the surprise of what can drop when I finally enter ultimate.

Youll like my void touch francis gun you can have it. It’s lvl 50 exactly for your build edit: i can outfit your mate haha all legendary i have for spellcaster even offhand

I’m currently leveling a dual pistol sorcerer myself and I’m just below level requirement for deviltongue. Since I’m more fire focused I intend to use 2x deviltongue. For Pyro I’d go deviltongue + exterminus for massive +skills, one fire pistol (with great proc) and one chaos (again with great proc).

shooty nightblade with focus on cold/pierce/phys seems interesting, bad news is you cannot use half the nightblade stuff. But the idea is interesting. One day… :slight_smile:

There are definitely items more common than others. If you browse the forums, you’ll find people with hundreds of hours played without completing sets. I too have no legendary set completed (4/5 Markovian is my best), but I’m not playing nearly as long as others have.

Panetti’s does have some items, though. If you can get your hands on 2x Decreee of Altrich, you could turn PRM into (almost) pure Aether dmg (one of my longterm build goals). Another route could be Blood Orb of C’thon for an aether/chaos build or something.

Panetti’s is a really good room cleaner, it fails at good boss dmg, though. So you want some heavy hitting single target stuff as well.

While I appreciate the offer, I like to play self found. It is part of the enjoyment I get out of the game. Not knowing if that next chest or jar or boss will drop that perfect legendary.

Naasir: don’t know about exterminus yet and don’t want to. If one drops I will find out how good it is :slight_smile:

Really appreciate your input though guys.