A question about Mod customization

Hi all guys, and thak you for your time.

I really love mods, and i am trying to modify Grimarillion with exp and drop value of smash and grab, of course for personal use. I am using Gdmodding tool just to change exp gain and epic drops.

After an initial struggle i managed to modify and the mod works fine but i still have a bug, where the expanded bag in Grimarillion are ok by appearance, but when i try to move items there, it appears like the true dimension of the bags is still the same of the base game, and i cannot move anything in there.

Someone may help me?
Sorry but English is not my mother language. Hope that you can understand my problem :slight_smile:

Hmm , do not know if it helps this info but who knows?
First , i do not know the structure of grimarrilion , i just play it and also the version i have is not the latest , also the version of the game that i have is 60 .

In my case it was different because i created a mod and addedthe caravaner into it ,do not know if it will work for other mods but this is what i did and the issues i had :

  • Downloaded caravan/inventory Mod .
  • Opened the file and from there i added/copied from records>ui the character and caravan folders in my ui folder .
  • Also i added/copied the caravaner folder located in Sources to my sorces folder .
  • Runned Asset Manager and created assets for the files located in sources>caravaner.
  • Build and i thought it was done .

Entered the game and i had the same problem you had , at first i did not wanted to add the game engine from the Caravan Mod because i already had my own and i did not wanted to modify again the rewards and other stuff.

Saw that it looked fine but it had the same space , so i thought why not try to change the game engine ?
I did that and it worked , also important to delete the caravaner arc in mods before building the mod .

Had to modify again the engine but the problem was solved .

Changing the game engine solved my problem, try to see if it works in your case.