A question on Dodge/Evade, Impaired Aim/Fumble

With falling rocks (Aleksander’s meteor, Crates meteors etc), are these affected by Impaired Aim to the caster?

Can you “dodge” or “deflect” them if you have those stats high enough?

I’m wondering if using Fumble/Impaired Aim with Dodge/Deflect might be a means to help avoid taking damage from falling rocks and similar spell effects.

Has anyone tried this?


as i understand it dodge/fumble deflect/impaired aim is for melee and projectile (direct) attacks only - not aoes and not spells of which Meteor would be considered both, hence you have to manually “dodge” them by moving away from the telegraphed effect “projectile”/orb
should be able to block part of meteor dmg tho i think :thinking: - someone correct me on that?

I believe that’s the case for blocking, was asking about that yesterday :smiley:

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Fumble/Dodge are for melee and Impaired Aim/Deflect are for ranged. I believe projectiles are effected by IA/Deflect again but ground AoEs aren’t.

Impaired Aim is an odd effect as I’ve seen mentions of it in the past and on occasion see rare occurrences where some casters like Aleks or Anasteria will aim their Meteor/Devastation attack away from you, supposedly this is the Impaired Aim causing them to misdirect their attack.

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Hm, maybe I remember it wrong, but I think Zantai was saying that monsters read mouse movement to predict where to cast their spells. I also thought that spells that have WD component on them can fumble, from my personal experience at least.

This is true I encountered such meteors by Aleksander while warrant farming; in open area, with melee build, no walls or anything that block meteor; he literally drops the meteor 5 m away. I don’t remember the build on those situations but 4 of my builds consist demo and use flashbang/searing light; 2 of my build has Azrakaa proc so it’s not wrong to deduce impaired aim caused that.

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Last I read on Impaired Aim was ages ago myself but I noticed playing on some Demo casters with Flashbang/Searing Light that sometimes they’d get Meteors aimed away from them while facetanking and during the same fight they’d get them aimed directly on top.

I’m not entirely certain on how Fumble works either but I’ve heard people say that AAR with the weapon damage Conduit fumbles and other people say it doesn’t/shouldn’t do so it’s another weird topic the community is uncertain on.

So I did a test with Flashbang just now, and yeah, Alex casts his meteor some distance away from our character even if standing point-blank and cursor being on him.

But I’m pretty sure I read somewhere on the forum about mobs reading cursor position for casting or some shit. Can’t find it though!

Impaired Aim definitely works on Aleks’s meteor because i had Shifting Sands active on him (and that devotion proc has impaired aim) and that caused his meteor to land a couple of meters away from my character. Mind you i was facetanking him, so i was standing in place.

In the light of all those seperate but same experiences;

I guess we can be confident to say; chance on impaired aim debuff works on projectile spells just as ranged normal attacks and those projectile casts includes Aleksander’s meteor and probably works for other similar monster skills.

In response to the question if anyone has tried this, im sure im not the only one but i definitely designed a janky meme build which prioritized dodge/deflect, and it actually came out to be a really fun experience- one of my favorite characters.

Harry the has-been, an old veteran with a drinking problem.

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Oh totally! I’ve experimented with a few that turned out incredibly tanky :smiley:

Here’s a high fumble/dodge tank I tried, and here’s a high dodge/deflect spellbreaker that was quite tanky and fun to play :smiley:

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Damn that bloodreach heal tank looks awesome!