A question on Terrifying Gaze, Vile Eruption and Retaliation

Hi everyone!

I’m looking into making an occultist retaliation caster using Dreeg’s Evil Eye.

Does the Retaliation Damage Added to Attack from Terrifying Gaze apply to Vile Eruption fragments ?

It should be evident if you test it on dummy yourself. If your retal damage surpasses regular % damage, that is.

By the way, you do know in Terrifying Gaze will get % rata replaced with % crit damage?


Oh I didn’t know that! Thanks for the warning. What’s the ballpark ETA on ?

Who knows? It’s done when it’s done © My guess is somewhere in 2-3 weeks.

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Damn. I just came up with this build design. Ty for the info! :slight_smile:

Its nothing ground breaking stuff.I had such build more than 1y ago

Eh, the novelty of creating a retaliation caster is old, you’re right. I was trying to make a specific ret caster build that would fit into a synergistic four-man team that I’m designing; I thought I had it all planned out, but it seems I’ll have to rethink one of the builds :smiley: