A Seronx has appeared


How to introduce myself

For my e-peen
I like how the item number is 1337 :wink:

Anyway back to me

Name: C. “Seronx” Harbin, Seronx being my most used Cognito
My experience with ARPGs: None to little(Most of my ARPGs were MMOs and or on the PlayStation Portable)
Favorite RPGs: Neverwinter Nights, Elder Scrolls 3: Morrorwind, and some others that I forget.(It’s a bad thing to be forgotten)
My stats: Single, Born in June 27, 1992
Industry: Customer Service(That is what it says on my name tag, so I’ll go with that, I am pretty bad at it though, lol)
Musical preference: Metal, Gothic, Darkwave(Techno)-Coldwave(Techno)-IBM(Industrial Body Music),Normal Techno, Hard Rock, Fast paced Bluegrass/Country
Location: Peoria, Arizona, USA

I can’t wait to see my name on the credits :smiley:

http://www.xfire.com/profile/seronx/ (Outdated but it shows what I play)

If you need professional testing go there :wink:

gdansk uses Water Blast!

'tis super effective! Welcome aboard, great to see more people arriving after the combat video.

Btw: Do you want your gmail address and name hanging out in that picture? :expressionless:

Well since users can email me regardless…it is okay but I would prefer people friend me on steam xD

Seronx is my steam :wink:

and I need to block some more spammers to give me a bigger e-peen

I came after seeing the combat video…Didn’t even noticed this existed till then

http://www.pathofexile.com/ <-- only saw this one and then I saw this game I was like YAY more hack n slash :smiley:
I missed out at Diablo and most top down RPGs and became spoiled by Graphics and won’t even dare go into a game that is old graphically

Yeah, I have the same problem. Diablo 2 gives me a literal head ache, sadly. So I have to play newer games for it to be playable. The combat video is pre-alpha but it certainly looks good enough to attract some more orders, etc. I wonder if Medierra has a graph. I’d like to see the pre-orders graphed over time.

:confused: Pre-Alpha

But I am pretty sure the disclaimer says

I would also like to see pre-order graph
and If you need anymore info just ask :slight_smile: