A simple question about shields.

It is still possible to reach 100% block chance (with one mastery being soldier of course, and with the proper devotion support). Also what are the best items that now have +%x chance to block on them??

Yeah, it’s still possible. Here is just an example to achieve it (disregarding everything else):

________________________________________ITEM | BLOCK CHANCE

Empowered Oathbreaker’s Guard with Battered Shell | 52%
Markovian’s Stratagem _________________________ | 5%
Handguards of Justice __________________________ | 3%
War’s Rebuke _________________________________ | 4%
Citadel _______________________________________ | 5%
3x Survivor’s Resilience _________________________ | 9%
10 points in Shield Training ______________________ | 20%
+2 Shield Training / Soldier / All skills _____________ | 2%

TOTAL ________________________________________ | 100%

You can even stay at 90% and use Stoneheart Oil now and then to get 100%. In the end, there are several ways to get 100%, but whether it’s really worth it or not I leave up to you.

There is this thread that talks about building around 100% block chance. Even though it was made for B25, you can get some knowledge about it.

If you want to look at the items by yourself, the easier (and surprisingly fast) way is to go to Graceful Dusk and search “block chance”. Either way, hope this gives you some ideas.

Don’t forget that block recovery (Shield Recovery Time) is also a important stat. To maintain a higher block chance and/or recovery time, you could use the Overguard skill and on certain items there’s also a overguard skill like on Badge of Tenacity and Devil’s Girdle. As far as i know they each have their own cooldown.

the idea here is to test a battlemage with 48% cd reduction, to have Overguard up all the time. Unfortunately this mean I’m stuck with shield that also have CD on them.

“Graceful Dusk” do not show me filters other than rarity, level or category. I have tried “advanced”, but nothing happen.

However thank you all for the replies.

EDIT: Nevermind, I have figured how to use the site. Thank you for the info.