A "Tower" dungeon with RNG maps. (Ideaaaa)

What do you think of a “Tower” dungeon with 100 floors?

  • Located in the middle of the map, right in the middle of the ocean, a tower leading towards the heavens.
  • Will require Skeleton Keys.
  • Maps would be procedurally generated and will be totally different each playthrough.
  • Goal is to find the red portal that takes you to the next floor.
  • No Riftgates.
  • Can only leave via a very rare blue portal that takes you back to the entrance.
  • Items obtained in the tower will be dropped upon death.
  • Features a very rare NPC that could store a very limited amount of items, so you don’t have to fear death that much.
  • Has checkpoints every 10 floors so you can take a rest or something, but if you die you lose 20 floors of progress.
  • Floors can be human, aetherial, undead, or chtonian based.
  • Heroes and Bosses appear very often.
  • Difficulty scales with player number, level, and overall gear level.
  • With the 50th and 100th floors featuring unique superbosses, probably a God from the lore.

good idea :D

Might have to wait for eisprinzessin to dig out the exact quotes :).
But from memory there have been serious discussions on RNG maps before, the upshot of which was that while RNG maps boost replayablity, they are much harder to make look good. The final decsion was to hand craft maps and add the random barriers to make it less repeditive.

I kinda like the idea, and I think you could do something similar if you were to make say 25 maps and then randomise the order you travel through them and redo the FOW on each run through.