ABB and friends

Hi everyone,
I have 3 specific questions regarding ABB and conversions. I know that Halcyon made recently a very complete topic about conversions (thanks to him) and I try to understand it the best I can (with the help of a translator).
As I’m starting a new character, I need some advices on my future path (Thanks also to GrimTools).

1 - If I’m using ABB with a shield, does it change anything for the skill (ABB + LA) except the Main Hand is now required and no bonuses from the shield is added to the attack?
2 - The “Targo Set” as a few conversions (% converted) from acid damage to physical damage. Does this mean that the acid damage from LA will be converted to physical?
3 - Does the momentary buff obtained with LA can “add up” with Deadly Momentum?

Thanks a lot for those who will take the time to explain this to me. I try to understand the best I can from the mechanics of the game.

  1. ABB is a weapon attack, so it will strike with an off-hand weapon if dual-wielding or with main hand otherwise. No, shield damage is not added, if that’s your question.
  2. Yes, every instance of acid/poison will be converted.
  3. Yes, since both are basically buffs. You’ll enjoy both bonuses for their duration.
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Thanks a lot Xanderoot for your help :smiley:

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