Able to build to build two grave yards on top of each other instead of expanding

If you build a graveyard and then later build one on top of it that is a little bigger you will have two graveyards on top of each other and it will double the space. I though it would expand the current one and not go over the top.

Also for the following bug you can use the level terrain feature and the villagers will be free. And the Cult defeated.

  • Rarely, some villagers can end up congregating in one spot, get stuck, and inevitably starve to death
    We do not support nor condone death cults. Cults are not part of the base game experience.We are investigating a fix for this issue. For now, if this occurs, you can work around it by walling off the afflicted area or starting a new map (sorry!).

Normally one graveyard remains functional and the old one becomes defunct, but it does mean you don’t have to take up new land.

The workaround to the death cults has been on the forum a few times already.

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