About Flashbang

Firstly, an Off Topic question- does the OA reduction of VoS affect bosses ? Same for Oleron’s Blood- does the 20% reduction in damage done by enemy affect bosses?

Now back to main topic,
I am used to RR of CoF and VoS. Helped me clear mobs in EoR and Act IV of Ultimate and bosses turn to dust with a little effort.

CoF reduces target’s DA by 75(at level 10) and VoS reduces target’s OA by 130(?) at level 10.
Now the latter’s usefulness is obvious, your enemy’s OA reduction allows them to miss their attacks. But i can’t understand what does reducing enemy’s DA accomplish which is done by CoF. Same for Flashbang, can’t understand why so many people go for it. What does reducing enemy’s DA even accomplish? So far as i can tell it only reduces the amount of times you “miss” your target. But how does it help against bosses?

Sorry for noob question, still figuring out the game

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VoS affect everything within its radius so yes.
Oleron’s Blood granted skill fully affect bosses.

As for Flashbang, there’s many difference reasons people pick this skill.
Me personally pick it for debuff purpose, DA reduction allow you to cri more, its modifier Searing Light can fumble, impaired aim and slow total speed of affected enemies. Even 1 point in its modifier give 15% slow total speed and 20% fumble/impaired aim which is as good as having dodge and reflect chance, all of this affect any enemy including bosses and nemesis. Plus most who choose Demolitionist as a main mastery are likely to have + all skills so you got extra point in them.

Some may pick it for CC and proc devotion powers.

But if i have a Pyromancer wouldn’t CoF finish the job or is Flashbang required?

Moar crits:p. Flashbang has a pretty big DA debuff. Even more useful on a charcater with under 2800 OA. You will ccrit a lot more.

About COF, Jajaja asked this on a thread I think. How Flashbang and Cof interact. You will notice that Flashbang reduces by n amount and CoF by -n amount so intheory it would work like resists debuff and they should stack. But I don;t think anyone confirmed this yet…would be cool if they did

Flashbang and Markovian/Blinside wouldn’t stack for example if the above is true.

Why not use both anyway? You will need Flashbang anyway for more than the DA debuff… With + skills It does just fine. You can put a couple more points in searing light…the fumble is a life saver.

You can read DA debuffs on your enemy as OA buffs on your character, because they have the same effect on your damage output, increasing crit chance and damage.

Ah well, was thinking of saving points. But well if it’s a good investment then why not. Also, recently i noticed Blast Shield seems to be a decent skill.

I’ve wondering the same thing about Vulnerability DA debuff stacking with Flashbang DA debuff. Since they are two different debuffs, i would assume they stack. Can anyone confirm this?

Also yes, Blast Shield is a pretty good skill, specially for squishy characters.

If they are worded differently, they always stack. If they are worded the same it’s more complicated. In the case of Flashbang and CoF, they stack since they are worded differently.

Yes, Flashbang is an Attack type skill with 0 damage. CoF is an actual Debuff type skill, so they will stack.

But as you mentioned, if they are listed in different wording, then they stack! :slight_smile:

Blast Shield is an amazing skill. Once you get a feel for the cooldown and uptime of this skill tough fights will be easy. Leave it at 12/12 (+skills included). It should be enough.