"About Me" tab on user profiles has gone empty

I’m not sure if I should post this here or in the bug reporting section, but the “about me” tab from every member of the forum has gone empty, except for the signatures.

The “About Me” tab is where people would put their location that showed up below the forum join date and above post count. It also contained interests, hobbies, etc.

What happened? Did the forum administrators remove that info on purpose? I want my location (Between the chair and the keyboard) again!

Might have something to do with GDPR compliance.

What, we’ve all asked to have our accounts closed/data removed? :confused:

That’s just one of the requirements of GDPR.

GDPR affects any business that retains “personal data” on EU residents. It is an extra-territorial regulation and therefore affects any business on the planet, including Crate. Besides the Right to be Forgotten, there is also the Right to Know, pseudonymization or encryption of personal data, etc.

I’m not an attorney, but I would say Crate is still affected by GDPR because of the following:

  • Crate retains email address info from these forums. AFAIK email addresses are a form of “personal data” per GDPR.
  • Crate processes personal data from the Humble store and Kickstarter. That could make them a “data processor” per GDPR.

The good news is that Crate is a tiny fish in a really big pond; the bureaucrats at the EU Commission would rather go after big fish like Google and Facebook first, IMHO. Moreover, if Crate gets caught, they would likely get a warning first, instead of a fine.

I don’t see how this has anything to do with GDPR. Nobody asked for this information to be removed and even if someone asked, it should only be removed from her/his forum profile, not from everbody’s. Also, the four items from the “About me” (location, occupation, hobbies and I don’t remember) could freely be edited, so anyone could write or erase anything they wanted on their profile.

Again, it’s not just about the Right to be Forgotten. GDPR covers much more than that. I can’t speak for Crate’s intentions, but removing the About Me info reduces some of the work they’d need to do to comply with GDPR.