About medal augments/movement skills

It’s someting i didn’t see discussed anywhere and that lets me under the impression that the new movement skills introduced in FG are not as cool as they were supposed to be.
Judging by the builds section, most of the builds use displacement. Others seem to favor charging skills, and some builds have no movement skills at all. And i didn’t see anywhere a discussion about which runes is better for a particular type of builds, so in short people doesn’t seem to care much about.

So what do you guys think ? Are movement runes ok ? If not, how do you think they should be improved ?

The only think i can think of is that they’re difficult to use due to how bloated skills bars are nowadays (except for good pilots and other piano players out here ofc :wink: ). So what i suggest is turning all the component skills in proc/toggle so it frees one slot. But i’m sure there are other ways to make these runes more interesting.

In most case runes are ok, if we talking about whole “pool” of runes

All disengage type of runes are completely trash/garbage, they must be re-done from scratch

Charges type of runes is my favorite type but we are suffer from absence pure physical charges rune and obliged uses others with conversion (rune of vendigo’s voracity of Ranh’ might)

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On most of my builds I prefer Leap or Charge over Displacement because it deals damage when moving into or out of the fray. I only use Displacement when there is no other rune that fits the build, and on glassy casters that need to kite a lot, for those Displacement is the quickest way to escape.

I agree 100%.

I tested most of them and they are useless. Unlike all other movement skills, you can’t even move across obstacles or around corners, you get stuck very often and that can mean death. It’s always better to use other types of runes as a means of escape.

However, I love when enemies use Disengage, but it’s only a handful of heroes and bosses who do it. There should be more enemies using it, it’s really fun fighting these guys.

I hate leap runes, makes you kinda like “stunned” for a while after you have landed.

For speed and safety in Crucible and Shattered Realm Displacement is the best. For fun I love using Vire’s Might kind of runes like Wendigo something or Amatok’s Breath (Rush?). I have honestly tried playing with Disengagement runes and it was pretty horrible. I dislike Leap runes because they deal little damage for the time they take.

Yea that delay after landing sucks, I wish it was removed altogether. Still I prefer Leap over Displacement if it fits the build thematically (ie. on most melee builds). Jumping into a mob like a berzerker is fun :slight_smile:

edit: forgot to mention, Leap can actually leap through solid walls, which makes it almost on par with Displacement in terms of moving around the map. If it wasn’t for that landing delay…

Yes i thought it was charge but it’s rush. charge is the blitz-like skill. i keep getting confused between the two.

Not really.

Most runes are too slow and make too little of an impact to be used well. Crate ought to decide what the intention of these runes should be; I’ll break it down into a few groups for them:

  • Combat/damage/debuff skills
  • Exploring/map-progressing/speedrunning
  • Dodging attacks/escaping danger

The issue with all of this is that runes almost unanimously

  • Dont deal any good damage or apply any useful debuffs
  • Have cooldowns that are too high and ranges that are too low
  • Have slow animations that leave you too open to danger

Displacement has zero combat impact, but it has “ok” range and negligible wasted animation time. That’s why its “the” rune to use and always will be.

Edit: Addendum to say blitz/ss runes are usable for having double, triple, or even more range than other runes. Great for speedrunning/map clearing.

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Cooldowns are mostly fine I think, most lvl 90 runes have 2.5 to 3.5 seconds which is less than Blitz cooldown. Only blink runes (and a few low level runes) have over 4s cooldown, lowering those might be too OP. Afaik rune cooldowns are affected by CDR so I don’t see much of a problem here.

These 2 points definitely need improvement. Some movement runes have such a short range and slow animation that you are not much faster than another player who’s running along with 135% speed. By the time you regain full control, the other player caught up. I’ve noticed this many times in multiplayer games, especially when using lvl 50 runes. Apart from cutting around corners, there is no real speed gain.

I think all runes would benefit from higher range (1-2m more) and faster animations (especially on arrival at destination).

Not sure about damage and debuffs, something like -100 OA from Rune of Dark Desires for example seems pretty nice I guess.

I thought I was being a little clever with keeping the bullet points in parallel with the alleged use cases…

Cooldowns are fine for combat/escape purposes, but if runes are meant to be a way to traverse terrain than their cooldowns are far, far too high. Obviously, lower cooldowns would bring us closer and closer to PoE gameplay, which is why I don’t think runes are meant to traverse terrain to begin with. But I left the option open just in case.

It’s nonstacking, and most builds will already have twice that or more.

Or Diablo 2 teleport xD

Also @Volek runes are not affected by CDR.

Well that could be compensated with higher range. Blinking/Leaping around the map with a PoE-style frequency is not what I’d want.

Oh I didn’t know, that sucks. In that case i agree cooldowns could be lower, but just a little bit so it doesn’t become PoE-style.

I think they could use a small range boost across the board.
They’re already limited by their CDs so you can’t really spam them, so when you do get to use one they should be impactful.

I tend to use the Leap type the most. Animation aside, I like their combination of range and CD and the Fumble one is usually my rune of choice for non-Nightblade builds.

The Rush kind is somewhat good if you’re using it together with Vire’s Might and rotate their CDs, or you play a build that likes using short relocations often such as ranged kiters. The delay at the end is kinda annoying though.

The Teleport rune is strong but I tend to use the above two since I prefer their higher uptime.

As for the Disengage ones: I don’t use them at all since I don’t like their control scheme, and for escaping I’d much rather use the Rush ones instead.

There is a small trick you can do with the runes as well: the way the distance is calculated is somewhat quirky and doesn’t seem entirely dependent on the distance traveled (as you may think) but instead it’s the distance between your start and end point.
This means you can sometimes travel farther than expected even if there are obstacles in your path.
Utilizing this correctly without overshooting it (and wasting the CD without moving) is a game in itself.

I agree, it’s a nice change. More varied enemy behavior would be one my first wishes for a potential GD2.

Personally, I find it hard to use runes reliably, especially when surrounded or nearly so; all too often I end up teleporting in place, and I’ve even died because of it a couple of times.