About skipping a difficulty in FG

Yes I’m well aware that FG is not released yet, but perhaps this piece of info is known already. I just want to know whether if you do skip every difficulty and just start with a new toon on ultimate (which I’m planning to try in this scenario), can you get every devotion shrine, every bonus campaign skill, attribute point etc. anyway?

If that’s not possible then I honestly don’t know what a benefit of skipping would be because you’d still have to play every difficulty if you wanted to get all those little bonus things because everything counts in gd. Actually devotion shrines are the least of my concerns because you can easily max your devotion in crucible, but there is no other way of getting those bonus skill points (hidden path for example), attributes (I can think of that little side-quest where you have to kill a harpy hero mob) except for playing through all 3 difficulties.

They would have to rearrange the game in some way to enable players to collect all of those in a single difficulty.

Anyone knows how this is going to work already?

From one of the latest stream:

The second thing though, and the bigger concern, was the fact that we have those attribute and skill point rewards on Normal and Elite. For most players at the very least they felt compelled to do those quests on Normal and on Elite difficult for every character. Which means, even if you rushed through the campaign all the way to Loghorrean you still had to do those along the way. And if we added something to allow you to skip difficulties if felt like you should actually be able to skip them, not have to go back to Normal and Elite just to do those quests so that added to the problem to be solved. However, we couldn’t just give you skill points, we had to account for the fact that some players might have already done those quests and that’s kinda what came into making this work. We had a variety of ideas on how to solve it and ultimately we came away with this one. It seemed the simplest and since it was feasible, it’s actually in the game. So now what these tokens do, as I mentioned before, will give you those attribute/skill point rewards and those quests simply don’t any more for those characters.

So you will get every skill, attribute and devotion point. :slight_smile:

Also from the 7th December stream:

"Thewordbearer : will we need to go to lower difficulties to get devo shrines?

And that is the other thing that comes with these tokens. In Forgotten Gods we are not only enabling every single shrine that is in the world on every difficulty in the game, we’re going to be adding new shrines to the world in places you haven’t before had shrines. And that means, if you go straight to Ultimate difficulty you will be able to get all 55 devotion points in one single playthrough. On top of that, with the upcoming patch we will be buffing the bonuses from Warrants, from Mandates and Writs so you can get your reputations up faster on your alts than ever before."

Thanks!!! That is exactly what I wanted to hear I’m so glad for those solutions. Now I gotta brace myself for the ultimate challenge, to start a HC toon on ultimate right when FG gets released :slight_smile: However I still have to at least farm for a lokarr set before that :slight_smile:

Careful because you will still have the resistance penalty :wink:

I will try to play extra carefully but I still want to at least try that ultimate challenge. And oh yea I apologize for opening this extra thread, I should probably just ask in the already existing FG thread above, silly me…

Challenge indeed. From the stream:

"anathema2741 : how is the level scaling on ultimate at level 2?

Well, let’s take a look. Now I will warn you that anyone who’s going to play like this? It’s going to be hard. I would describe this as almost playing on players 8 in Diablo 2 back in the old days, but you’ll notice these enemies are actually scaled to my level. We’ve gone ahead and through Elite and Ultimate difficulties and updated these guys so they scale from one all the way up to max level. And yes, they hurt. They give a lot more XP, but they hurt. You’re going to get all the attribute and skill points like I said and you’re going to need them because this stuff is way harder than what you’re used to. I will point out, if you look at my resistances, they are in fact altered by the difficulty scaling."

And who knows, you crazy folk may even get this:

"CrateEntertainment : We need to have the official HC Ultimate Crate survival challenge

We do need to have the official Hardcore Ultimate Crate survival challenge, preferably with alcohol because it’s going to take a lot of it."

Better stock up on the tri-beers then. :smiley:

f**k yes :d

Haha playing on ultimate from the get go does sound fun. I imagine hardcore will be a kitefest lol. I wonder if they will increase loot quality from level 1 on ultimate because getting your resists up would be your #1 priority since you will start massively negative.

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Level 1 ultimate ravager kill when. :smiley:

As soon as you make it possible to unlock the quest without gaining enough experience to put you at level ~30

Edit: Nvm, GDStash can fix that. So basically: FG when.

Feed it someone with ligma

Ligma balls? :confused:

Do you really want to risk a Lokarr set? :wink:
BTW, there will be more shrines, but the question is what the price will be to unlock them. No answer at the moment.

That you will have to wait and find out. :smiley:

Sorry for necroing, but i haven’t found out an answer to one thing:

If I already unlocked ultimate, but haven’t done the skillpoint/attribute quests on normal/elite, will I get the skillpoints from the Token?

Not if that character is already in Ultimate, I don’t think so. Since you’re not skipping up a difficulty I don’t think you’d be able to use the token anyway. :undecided:

Well, sure it could be like that, but i don’t expect crate to implement / code it that way, that it recognize the difference… for me it sounds like an extra work which isn’t neccessary and justify the hassle so my bet is it toggle the merit state either way… even if you are already in ultimate… but well, we’ll see once the addon is out and i will try it personally (and give feedback here).