about the complexity of the game

Played for the first time on the complexity of the veteran. I had a curve build of the character. For me, bosses were difficult: https://www.grimtools.com/monsterdb/en/253/skills and https: //www.grimtools. com / monsterdb / en / 163 / has the same https: // www.grimtools.com/monsterdb/en/1599/skills. In addition, the way to the port of Valbery is quite complicated. All the rest is not difficult with a good assembly of the character. Even easier if you go not for the first time, and you already have good equipment. On the complexity of the veteran: there should not be a faster increase in the level of the character.
I have not played the absolute yet. The epic is now not interesting (not difficult). Pay attention to this. Make the difficulty separate for adults. Not only for children. I believe that in the crucible the level should not grow. It should be done only to get the equipment.
Now on the epos an interesting and difficult boss met only Nemesis for undead

I do not understand your post. I guess you used google translate, so let me tell you: that doesn´t work. Your threads are probably not going to help much, least at all you. Maybe find a Grim Dawn website in your native language? Just trying to help, don´t hurt me. :eek:

Since the game is not online all the time trying to make separate difficulties for children and adults is pointless. And just because you find it easy, doesn’t mean other people - old and young - will too. Considering some chldren can whip the ass off adult players playing games the whole idea is pointless. :rolleyes:

Replace “complex” with “difficult”/“difficulty” and it is fairly understandable.

I translate through Google, does not translate very well. Now I tried to translate better.

Just add a “real” level of complexity

We have 3 already and people complain so I doubt the devs will be considering adding another - “real” or otherwise.

Do not add 4 passing through the difficulty, and replace the veteran’s difficulty with the real difficulty or in addition to the veteran add …

Congrat for beating veteran :wink:

Norma/Veteran is meant partly as a tutorial so unlikely anything would be added. Elite is a step up in difficulty and Ultimate the same. If you want to test your characters you have Crucible and soon the Shattered Realm. If you want “real” difficulty - whatever you call that - play one of the mods that increases difficulty/mobs/heroes/bosses. Cause I can’t see Crate changing much at this late stage of the game’s development. Tweaks/small changes for better balance yes, wholesale ramping up an entire difficulty which would require being rebalanced against the current game no.