About to give up, don´t understand the game

A link to the topic on Steam with pics.

I have quite a few problems, the biggest being the market, nothing gets sold there currently apart from raw meat which gets withdrawn almost immediately, tried to keep an eye out but can´t figure out who takes the raw meat out. The grocer then gets more raw meat, rinse and repeat.

I thought it could be a distance issue at first, someone else also mentioned that in the forum, the thing is that “last year” the grocer was picking up smoked fish and meat and I havn´t moved any buildings. Added some but didn´t move the existing ones.

Tons of veggies rotting the 2 root cellars I have, cloth is not being picked up and I can´t assign 4-5 people to get stuff to the market. Also have 2 storehouses where nothing is moving.

If this is a distance issue then the game needs to do a far better job at explaining distances allowed. As I stated, the previous season the market had no issues with getting smoked stuff from the respective buildings.

The Market Building you’re talking about isn’t selling anything.

It’s for easy distribution to the houses ( i haven’t checked it myself, how that works in detail) ; but if the good disappear, they might get picked up / beamed to the surrounding houses…

Regarding fresh meat instead of smoked one - it might even make sense, to prioritize something that will spoil sooner for “consumption now”.

So the smoked meat will be able to stay in some storage till you need it…

(or, it might simply be not optimized/balanced yet on day one of the EA release…)

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It´s stated that it´s the building that makes you gold, thus one would assume that stuff gets sold albeit a bit disguised as just distribution. I do agree with you, but why do 50 raw meat get deposited to vanish about 10 seconds later at the same time? It always happens exactly the same way.

So, shoes and cloth are picked up where they are produced or at warehouses?

I believe it gives a set amount of gold per house depending on house tier.
And making more wagons will help with distribution throughout the town. :slight_smile:
Dont give up on the game. There are some things to figure out and some tips/tutorials in-game would be nice to help out when not understanding things.
But i still think it is super fun while frustrating sometimes. It is early access so keep that in mind when playing and judging.

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You can always unselect raw meat in the marketplace so your grocer only stocks smoked meat. As far as I can tell, anything perishable gets selected first out of the storage areas so it all gets consumed quicker. But if your market is always taking the raw meat before your smokehouse can get to it, you won’t be able to produce smoked meats. The market is best set amongst a bunch of houses, as this is how the villagers grab food more quickly so it gets to their homes and eaten, and also gives you gold as taxes. Foragers will also take their gatherings to the market if it’s closer to them than a storage area.

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