Abstemiously, not loud noname topic

Well, thread name - to avoid ‘stamps’ and ‘labels’.

Mog’s facetank execution, 1006 ~18 min, no potions.

The only one thing I can add: I have strong idiotic feeling, that users, often write here “OP” (owerpowered) but totally forget sometimes term “ON” (ofernerfed). And, imho, “ON” plays a bad joke. Pity that most often it happens with players (may be I’ll explain later, partially it is written here).

NB if I see any concernment in linked above thread - I’ll post additional video of this build, because another strong feeling I have: players do not pay any attention on ‘bugs’ (really? or better to write ‘nerfs masked under bugs’?), ‘blue-eyed boy’ classes and ‘bounds’. Sitting in deep, mmm…, lets call it “hole” without knowledge (discovering a lot of really correct things/true or ‘must be instead of non valid descriptions’ by yourself) is not an option.