Act transitioning

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First off, I bought this game recently and I am having a great time. Fantastic game and thank you to the devs, backers and the universe for making this game a reality.

My question (or suggestion for that matter) is this; how do I know when act transitioning happens? How do I know in which c act I am in?

If this is obvious, then I missed it, and if the question has been asked and answered before, my apologies.

It just would be great to have a quick flash of text saying “Entering act <n>” on the screen or something in you character sheet showing what act you are currently in.

Thanks all

This is just the beginning

in fact there’s no real Acts in GD, it was more like development milestones during EA (except Act I which is quite easy to figure out even now). so basically :

  • Act I ends when you beat the Warden
  • Act II brings you to Deadman’s Gulch
  • Act III goes on until beyond Darkvale’s Gate
  • and then Act IV

but as i said, Act II, III and IV aren’t really separated each one from another :wink:

Also you can check this list:

Ah understood, thanks for the information guys :smiley:

The game itself doesn’t draw a distinction between “Acts”, probably in keeping with the contiguous design of the world. We use the term when talking about it tho to make it easier when describing different parts of the game.

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