Add 'Attack damage converted to health' to the stat window

Please add this stat to the stat window.

It’s already there and it’s called life steal. It’s in the second page at the bottom of the physical section.

Oh, thanks

while we’re on the subject, just to double check- if you have +% life steal on your gear that means ANY attack will steal life… UNLESS it’s on a weapon correct?

if your attack % to health is on your WEAPON, then only attacks made by that weapon will steal life (at least the amount listed on the weapon).

but if it’s on a ring or a relic (or a devotion) all attacks can steal life (spells procs etc).

Definitely no. All life steal ONLY works with Flat (weapon) damage unless it specifically says so in the skill tooltip itself, or a skill modifier.

So any skill with % weapon damage on it can trigger lifesteal? because my conjurer heals her socks off throwing Eye of Dreeg for example. And primal strike seems to heal me for more than savagery (assuming bc multiple targets).

If you have a proc on an item that works on hit or on crit, then it can fire from a spell. If that proc has ADCTH, then it will heal you based on the damage of the proc.

ADCTH as a stat does not apply to spells, unless that spell has weapon damage%, in which case it will reduce the ADCTH amount by the percentage if it is less than 100%, and only applies to the weapon damage% only.

right so if you had 20% ADCTH but your spell only does 10% weapon damage, you’re capped at 10% lifetap for that spell.

If you have a spell has 10% weapon damage, and you have 10% lifetap, then you’ll get 1% ADCTH based on your weapon damage. You get 10% of the lifetap percentage.