Add lightning retal to Tempest devotion

Tempest devotion is usually very cool but often skipped in lightning builds. Their usual route is Spear+Ultos combo, for 2H builds even Ultos+Korvaak. I have used Tempest on Sorc build, where you can have 100% uptime of Reckless Tempest proc with Star Pact but it’s still pretty niche.

At same time Lightning retal is pretty niche as well and definitely lacking behind physical or acid. Gear gives some nice flat lightning/electrocute retal (mind difference between min and max value is pretty big) but there are not dedicated lightning retal devotions and it’s tough to convert other flat retal damage to lightning. So you are not getting much retal bonus and your devotion route is pretty generic like this one for example:

So my idea is to add lightning retal support to Tempest, that will be useful for this archetype and maybe can open some lightning hybrids opportunities :thinking:


Why not, +1. Tempest is definitely underused because of the awkward affinity requirment it has. This way at least someone is going to pick it up.

I mean Wendigo used to be a meme and after some buffs it became a tier-2 powerhouse. I wish the same for Tempest.

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It would be nice if it also gave some flat electrocute damage too, but since devs hates lightning damage in this game, good luck with that.

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Maybe they got sued because a lightning effect in a build fried someones gpu lol

Return to topic, there is already too many difference between min-max so why not, +1

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If you also take Rhowan’s Crown then it is not so far out of the way, and Chariot also takes 5 purple. But Tempest takes too many points and offers too little for most builds. You can always find an equally good solution with Spear.

That has always been my problem with Tempest. It’s a decent skill, but too little return on investment for affinity points.


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