Add more visual to skills on lvl up

u know like in TQ at lvl 1 fire ball looked like hot stone?
but at full lvl it looked like huge fire ball?
or that fire orb ring that go around you ?
at lvl 1 there was 1 orb, then 2 and if u went beyond and lvled up the skill more than you can (by item bonus) u got 3 of them! HOLY SH_t 3 of THEM?
NOW,am i a freaking firebender or what?! feels and look cool right?

some skills especially the main you use can be very repetitive
add more effects give you some “upgrade” point to skill

its like to “earn” new skill again tho it the same one. make u feel little more badass and after repetitive grind you can enjoy of better visuals so its not just stronger on paper but in actual visuals.

but in GD i didnt saw those things.
in some skills not just that the skill looks the same lvl 1 or lvl 9000
but even after u add sub-passive skill like usually with all active skills
it still look the same

not like i played much i bought the game recently but i totally got bored with occultist class.
the pets,the star on the ground aoe thing… all look the same from the moment u got them.
pets…there is 16 lvl for each one u have to “refresh it” somehow make it look “badasser” (or at least that u could summon more than 1…any change but the statistics)

oh and bolt…the bolt of doom…and death of destruction of devil force kill and death…
its red lightning…its just red lightning…no visual to start with nor to upgrade.

For a good thing to mention is that i really really like that the auras visual stack.
in TQ one aura visual totally cancel other and even tho some people asked about it? it was unchangeable even with mods.
so i really like this point.


could be cool to add more particles and visual effects over all.
particularly between low and high lvl of same skill.

We do see it on some skills a growing feel of power. Panetti’s is a great example of a skill that grows a lot more impactful feeling as you rank it, as it increases shard counts, increases the chance of the skill piercing (Further increasing shard count), and having the Distortion missles also firing out as another color from the mess.

They are is a good direction with OFF.

huh?? this makes no sense

Olexra’s Flash Freeze grows in size as you level it. Though that is really only an aoe thing so the effect matches the aoe, not really a huge change so… not really what the OP is looking for I think.

Though tbh, op is exaggerating quite a bit or idk. To say he got bored with occultist because the fx didn’t change enough as he leveled?

yeah AoE growth is more like indication than change

and not like i got bored because of the fx but it was a factor.
at first lvl up u can pick lets say the raven right? so from that first moment till the end of the game nothing will change visually
reduce the excitement little bit after a while (tho u can add sub-skill which give him some abilities).

maybe im exaggerating as u said,but for me its a valid point.
just prefer the art and atmosphere more than stats and mechanics .
so the visual power grow influencing the overall atmosphere for me.

don’t get me wrong the game more than awesome and atmospheric
and i really enjoy it and recommend it, this is just a point that i liked in TQ and could be great 2 add in GD

tho i belive it will not be add, don’t know how much time it will take to take every skill and add visual upgrades but it sound some nasty longtime work.

maybe if some guys will mod visuals or will go for projects like “Lilith” back then.