Add speial skill for each char

Hi. I know that there already exists many skills and different builds, but I found out sometimes they are more or less the same. For example, if you wanna try a blood build, whethere it is soldier+shaman or nightblade +shame, the main items, skills and devotion are similar. Could be great to have some special skills for each char, to diversify different roles, like soldier+shaman get skill “transform”, soldier+nightblade get skill “stealth”,etc.

It would be good if you got some kind of bonus skill for maxing both of your masteries to 50 so each combination had a different skill.

However, how would this be countered for players, like myself, who play mostly or entirely as a pure class? Could we invest into two mastery bars for each single class as has been mentioned in another thread.

I don’t know. But I would like to see some kind of unique skill/s for combined classes.

You would also have to offer a few unique skills because not very player uses each class mixture in the same manner. So stealth for a soldier/nightblade might suit high burst kiting characters, but not dual wielding tanking type characters. If you get my meaning.