Adding a persisting ground effect to a dropped projectile

Ahoy folks!

What I’m trying to accomplish
In a nutshell, I’m trying to modify the projectile of the Blackwater Cocktail skill to drop a meteor at the target location, rather than throwing a bottle. Generally-speaking, I’m not a big fan of explosives, and instead prefer more traditional spellcasting.

More specifically, I want the meteor to drop at the target location (much like the Annihilation Relic and Herald of Blazing Ends’ meteor skills), then leave the burning area effect on impact, just as the skill currently does.

The problem
After finding the meteor skills in the database, I successfully replaced the projectile with a meteor that impacts as expected. I even found a way to replace the meteor projectile’s default impact effect with that of BWC’s explosion and flames. Unfortunately, I’ve run into two problems:

  • In its current state, the skill impacts and deals the appropriate damage (as far as I can tell), but does not leave the AoE effect that persists after the explosion. As a result, enemies are damaged once by the impact, and that’s it. Enemies that weren’t hit by the impact don’t take damage upon approaching the impact site.
    Originally, BWC had the skill_attackprojectile template, which has a variable called skillProjectileTargetGroundOnly set to TRUE. In order to make the meteor work, I had to change the template to skill_attackprojectiledrop, which is what the existing meteor skills do. Unfortunately, this template uses “targetingMode” set to “Point” in order to target a location.

    I don’t know if “skillProjectileTargetGroundOnly” is responisble for allowing the ground AoE to be applied, but I suspect it may be tied to it.

    I should also note that the original skill has an attribute called “skillActiveDuration” which obviously corresponds to the skill duration listed in the tooltip, but I don’t know if this actually has an effect on the skill itself, or just the tooltip text. I kept this attribute intact in the modified version.

  • After messing around with the projectileImpactFX, I managed to swap out the original explosion (which was the same as Grenado) with the one used by the molotov AoE. The problem is that once applied, this effect is not removed by the game. The animation seems to persist indefinitely, and I don’t understand why. I suspect this problem is likely tied to the first one, because the game doesn’t apply this as an actual AoE, so the trigger that would normally remove it probably isn’t being called.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to find an equivalent skill, but I can’t find out. The closest one I could think of is TSS’s Frozen Core modifier, but it only applies frostburn once (as far as I can tell).

Does anyone know at which stage the AoE effect might be applied? Is it the skill that governs this functionality, or does the projectile and its related FX files have an influence as well?

have you tried rebuilding the ability with skill_attackprojectileareaeffect ?

it’s used to create ground effects like grasping vines, so maybe you can add the meteor animation as the projectile.

or you use projectiledrop for meteor as the main cast skill and have it autocast a burning ground effect with projectileareaeffect as a skill modifier