Adding new visual effect to a skill via skill modifiers

I have been trying to get the visual effect of a skill to change when you add points into a skill modifier. The only instance of this I found an example of was Dreeg’s Evil Eye - Blood Burst where Crate used a Skill_ProjectileModifier template and changed the projModImpactFxPakName, adding a gib effect. However, I am not trying to add a gib effect to my knowledge, what I have is an AoE visual that I wanted to overlay with a burn, kind of like adding a blackwater cocktail visual to a sigil of consumption. I was thinking that part of the issue may be because I have a projectile_AoE template, so I’m not actually “impacting” a target? Anyway, I tired adding the visual change link to all the Skill Effects PakName options under the Skill_ProjectileModifier template and the same to the more generic Skill Modifier template to no avail. Any suggestions?