Adjusting a build

Hi folks

After making a disastrous shot of my first character I followed this build from the compendium.

Pyromancer (Demolitionist + Occultist)
[B31] (hc) (u) (vid) (g1) Brimstone Gunslinger (Cryodacry)
Damage: Fire, Chaos, Physical, Lightning
Active Skills: Fire Strike, Flashbang, Cure of Frailty, Blood of Dreeg, Thermite Mine
Passive Skills: Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Solael’s Witchfire

Characters hit level 31 so far and I’ve mirrored it exactly in terms of skill points, and essentially spent stat points to allow wearing better items.

Now, gear wise I’ve picked up a decent 2 piece with a heavy 2 hander which probably doesn’t suit the design intent on this build…

Therefore what way should I go. Still trying to figure everythings out.

So far I can dps fine but incredibly squishy - but again that might be lack of understanding.

Cheers for any help.

Pump physique mostly. Use polished emerald components in your gear early to help you with other required stats.

A pyro is naturally not a tanky character and it looks like your build relies on heavy use of both flashbang and curse of frailty to debuff your enemies instead of you yourself being so tough. And blood of dreeg is an excellent healing and regen skill so make sure you always keep it going. So learn to cycle these into your attack pattern.

But honestly you probably need to get some health and physique on your gear too. Resists also start to become pretty important around your level.

Have a look at the tortoise devotion skill early on even if your build doesn’t call for it – you can respect out of it later once you have better gear and are more confident in using your skills. In general you can mostly use the devotion tree to shore up your defenses (resists, life, life regen, healing skills) with not so much going into offence.

EDIT: probably the most obvious thing I shouldve typed first - 2 hander builds are always going to be squisher. Even ones using more tanky masteries are. So probably a very bad idea to take this liberty yourself for a naturally squishy build!