Advice needed for Pyromancer build

What really sparked me to buy this game, was that I found out I could be a gunslinging Pyromancer, so naturally it was my first character. With it being my first character, naturally it was a dumpster fire (especially since I have not played an ARPG before this). Despite him being a bit of a wreck, I was able to bumble my way through Veteran difficulty and Elite, I struggled a bit with Ultimate but got through it (until AoM where I started pulling hair at how often I kept getting 1 shot, and gave up on him right infront of the final boss of AoM)

I’d really like to do right by my first character and make a build for him that actually works and doesnt have him constantly dying so I made this:

www(DOT) grimtools (DOT) com/calc/bVAOOJBN
(sorry for the link having to be like this, I made my account to post this thread, and it says I need 3 posts under my belt to link links, but I really didn’t want to go around to different threads going “just needed to bump my post count”)

However; I don’t think this is very good at all, its the best my tiny lizard brain could come up with though. This is really my first time ever making a build in this game, I have 1 other character thats a Blademaster but I just copied a build I found here. Is anyone able to provide some feedback or advice for making the above Pyromancer build work? (please don’t judge the build too harshly, Its the first build I really came up with on my own, and I’m aware its most likely riddled with mistakes)

This and this thread might be of interest to you

Hi FoolioCoolio and welcome to the forums!

Congrats on taking the plunge and posting a build, especially when you’ve never played an ARPG before. Sadly, you are correct that this build is not very good and will likely struggle on elite and ultimate. There are a few key things that can be changed to improve it and I’ll try to explain my reasoning as I go.

The first problem is that pyromancer is really hard to gear for. There isn’t a lot of direct support for chaos, and chaos is what you want to use. Forget fire, you’re going to transmute all your fire into chaos. With that in mind, get rid of the deviltongue for a darkblaze incinerator (important because you need a dual wield source and because it’s an amazing chaos gun) and the lifegiver signet for a Voidheart (for more conversion and a source of resistance reduction). I’d also swap out the pants and the medal for mythical versions of the same or maybe for an arcane harmony leggings. Voidwalker footpads are acceptable but if you can get a green stoneplate greaves (I’ve used a double green in the link but that’s probably not realistic), that would be better especially in a resistance category you lack. Harbinger’s grasp is for rifles, not pistols, and can be replaced with voidsteel gauntlets. Swap avatar of mercy for darkblaze source, and the helmet and belt for darkblaze equivalents. Swap your relic for Korvaak’s Deception, preferably with a brimstone boost but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve also completely changed your components and augments to match your needed resists, but you can change these as you see fit to match whatever you get on the boots.

Your skills need a rework, check the link I posted for the specifics and feel free to ask questions if they don’t make sense.

Devotions: Witchblade and Fiend are mandatory, so you were good on that front but you need hawk to reduce cunning requirements and a lot more DA and OA plus some lifesteal. I’ve used Manticore for RR and dying god for damage as well.

Side Note, you can hit Y to toggle between two skill bars. Put your passives and auras on one bar and your actives on the other. Then you can have more room for skills and items that you’ll be actively using in combat.

I started with a pyro and since have morphed it into a large number of damage and/or build types. Pyros are a generally weaker as a combo than many of the other masteries (soldier/inquis/etc) due to imbalances in the system.

And although many believe the only way to go is darkblaze pyro (chaos set version), there are a lot of potential ways to play.

So, firstly don’t despair.

Secondly - even if your build is not optimized…did you try using a few consumables on the final fight? Some useful consumables are:
-devil’s crossing sithblood tincture (% fumble)
-homestead courageous tincture (+DA/armor)
-various resistance-boost consumables
-various HP increase consumables

But if you are tired of struggling a bit, then the main issue is DA and armor and OA. GD is very much an offensive/defensive numbers game.

-Typically 2600-2700 DA makes the end fairly easy for defense. This is generally the range where most MC enemies have a very low chance to successfully critically attack you.
(The main benefit of even higher DA is that mob’s chance to hit is proportionally reduced, until it reaches 60% in the ~ mid-3000 DA range; it also helps vs debufs and some much tougher bosses. However, this high of DA is often not worth the sacrifice of everything else and/or may be simply unobtainable).

-Higher armor absorption means less mob damage accumulating; less than 100 absorption means that some physical is always getting through. This means health leech or regen is needed as compensation. If you have adequate and constant health-leech…it may not be as great of a concern.

-Higher OA (2800-ish+) means little chance to miss on a typical attack and limited critical chances(5+%). OA is even more important if you have “on-crit” procs and/or a significant %critical damage bonus -> and if you are stacking a lot of this, you should probably aim towards 3000 OA for 10-15+% crit chances against heroes/bosses.
Note that DA debufs like Flashbang factor into this overall calculation.

-your resists are generally ok, but keeping most of them at the soft cap (80) is the easiest way to reduce damage. Note % stun isn’t as critical (situational) and % phys is hard to get in very high numbers (armor/absorption compensates somewhat against many small physical hits). Slow resist is often ignored, but it can impact fluid play…sometimes significantly.

-devotion paths and augments/components can help to make up the shortcomings in resistances/OA/DA/etc as well as add some fun procs

Most of these have been talked about by Halcyon.

I would add:

  1. Manticore constellation can be skipped if you juggle and max Agonizing Flames(Demo). They don’t stack and demo is one of the only classes that has a dedicated %Reduced targets resistances type RR. (Manticore has a bit of OA, but that can be found in other spots.). If you are going to invest heavily in BWC, then skip manticore…if not, then use manticore but just invest a small bit in BWC for the defensive High Potency transmuter (18% reduced physical) and a potential proc source. Personally, I’d max. Agonizing Flames and put those 6 devotion points into something else. ymmv.

  2. Focus on one damage type. Fire or choas. It looks like you are aiming for chaos with your general item choices. Focusing allows for more efficient distribution of skill points and ultimately more damage.

  3. Some skills have break-points, meaning that at a certain level each extra point has significant diminishing returns. This is often where skill juggling takes the most thought. Sometimes personal preference can influence this. And some of this is simply becoming more familiar with the skills.


so…based on your grim tools skill points remaining, I estimate that you are maybe ~lvl 77 ? (36 unspent points). Your build was: OP build. It’s hard to know what your current config is.

Aiming for something along Halcyon’s recommendation is good and it is a strong route… but all that gear is 94+, essentially. So you’ll have to keep looking for gear that helps your chaos focus. Some of the recommended gear may be hard to find due to RNG and may require trading or whatnot.

If you actually have and are wearing the gear of your grimtools OP (and don’t have other gear), you could ask for specific build tweaks at your level. Otherwise you should post a grimtools of where you are at now and what you wear. Components/augments and stuff of appropriate level.

Edit 2:

But… if you really are set on making that particular gear configuration and hybrid damage idea work, I’d suggest to tweak it somewhat like this:

-Same gear as OP but different boots, devotions, some component/augment tweaks. These blue boots are easy to find and are decent.
-If you want to keep your original boots, then swap the medal component for the appropriate +res.
-I’ll assume lvl 100, but if not, then juggle skills accordingly.
-Bleed is a dot and is not so common or deadly if you can maintain health leech - so a little less resistance is ok imho . There is a consumable if you need. Or change the medal component for more bleed res, if it is an issue.

Grimtools: OP build tweaks = Same gear as OP

(you may no longer be interested in that gear, but this gives an idea of how to build towards the numbers)

Welcome to the game. It always nice to see a new face.

I think everybody has explained your flaw. I’m only gonna say this to help you consider on your character design.

You are trying to focusing damage on Fire and Chaos from what I’ve seen. Then why are you taking Bat devotion? Piercing projectile? Nah, it won’t work. Leech? You already have Blood of Dreeg, beside your leeching power will be very little.

Good luck on your designing. And if you feel this build not going anywhere, you can try Purifier (Demolitionist/Inquisitor) if dual wielding pistol is your love. :wink:

I suggest using the “move to” button on your left click because the last thing you want is to intend to move and instead stand still and fire off a round at a barrel or something. That is my preference for non melee builds. Saves some pinky work.