Advice on 2H Melee Fire Strike Commando


I’m building a 2H Melee Fire Strike Commando atm which works quite good so far.
Still i’ve got a few questions I hope you guys can help me with.

This is the build so far:

  1. Is Brimstone (as a melee char) worth the 18 extra Points in the Demo Mastery Bar? (since there are no other useful skills for my build at the end of the bar the way I see it)

  2. I am using Cannister Bomb with Concussive Bomb for the stun atm. I guess Flashbang is maybe a better choice for Elite and Ultimate because of the reduced DA?

  3. Flame Touched and Vindictive Flame seem quite clear. Do I need their Addons Temper and Ulzuin’s Wrath?

  4. In the Soldier tree I plan to go til Scars of Battle. No need of Oleron’s rage for a mainly fire/burn based build, right?

  5. Devotions: I am using Eel, Kraken, Falcon (with Falcon Swoop on Fire Strike), Hawk and Scholar’s Light (mainly for the reward), Magi.
    -Is Fissure from Magi a better choice than Falcon Swoop for Fire Strike?
    -Planning on Behemoth or Tree of Life for Survivability. What to take?
    -Later on Ulzuin’s Torch
    -Am I missing something?

In the end the build could look something like this

Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

  1. Brimstone provides an absolute ton of flat fire damage so i would say it is worth it if you can manage the points.

  2. Flashbang would be better for bosses mainly for the DA reduction as you said and the fumble from Searing Light.

  3. 1 point them both, let any + skills bring them up a bit.

  4. Oleron’s Rage gives %OA and %Move Speed, definitely consider it.

  5. I’de say it depends if you want to go for a more offensive or defensive character overall. I’ll say though that you want to consider Solael’s Witchblade as Eldritch Fire also debuffs fire resistance.

Your grimcalc looks ok, i don’t see any major issues with it. Try looking at endgame gear to see what skill bonuses you can get and see if you can shift any more points around into other skills.

Edit: Forgot about Elemental Storm on devotion and Thermite Mine :rolleyes:. Definitely consider these for resist reduction as well.

There is one BIG problem with your skills and devotion - no debuffs. You really want to get thermite mines and either bwc or elemental storm. Ideally Solael’s witchblade too.

Flashbang has fumble in searing light, use it, its awesome. If you take warcry, bring it to at least rank 10 (with items), its awesome too.

Your devotion lacks 4 chaos points to unlock the Torch. Taking jackal and 1 pt in crossroads can fix it.

Hard to say, they are in common uses in different builds - magi for fire/burn damage oriented and falcon for bleed oriented.

Besides, in every last patch falcon’s swoop nerfed again and again, so in this moment of time i would preffer magi.

By the way, fussure have a nice chance to stun enemies.

Both :smiley: Behemoth + chariot, if you want to go to the torch.

I also started a very similar melee FireStrike commando and stumbled upon this thread while searching for some info.
I was planning on taking Oleron’s rage, but seeing that post made me reconsider.
Does anyone have an experience with brimstone on melee? (compared to Oleron’s)

If you plan use Infernal Brimstone or new Shar-Zul weapon, they both have phys-to-fire conversion, so you will convert internal trauma from Oleron Rage to burn damage, aside from high movement speed and %OA.
I also recommend use Enchanted Flint component for even more conversion and nice fire dmg aura.

Thank you for your input! :wink:

Definitely gonna pick them as well as Jackal and probably Owl like mammothhunter suggested. looks very suitable!

It’s also gonna be Flashbang, seems like you can’t ignore it :smiley: Although i really like the stun from Canister / Concussive bomb!

I’m just gonna give Fissure a try and assign falcon swoop to Blitz :slight_smile:

I think I will prefer Brimstone over Oleron’s Rage for now.
Maxed out Vindictive Flame already provides +15% Total Speed, so Movement shouldn’t really be an issue. +12% OA from Olerons are nice to have but cost 22 extra Skillpoints which are better used elsewhere in my opinion.
Besides it just seems right to use the whole spectrum of our main damage skill including Brimstone :wink:
Enchanted Flint is already in use!

Looks good in general, but you are overlooking +skills from gear. I know it’s hard to plan unless you know what you’ll eventually be wearing, but a lot of the gear that you want to aim for will have +skills.

I have two 2H Hybrid Fire Strike Commandos (i.e. ranged and melee), one based on Ulzuin’s set and one with a mish mash of gear, and they both have very similar skills in the end. Something like this with +skills:

(Temper, Vindictive Flame, Ulzuin’s Wrath, Searing Light, Static Stirke, Blackwater Cocktail, Demon Fire, Thermite Mine, and Hellfire Mine all have only 1 point invested, so you can see how you might end up with way more points that you thought)

So really, it’s very easy to get Oleron’s and Brimstone, and in doing so you also benefit from more stats from Mastery. Movement speed is already capped, but Oleron’s will probably add 200 to 250 OA so definitely worth aiming for IMO.

Do you have any gear from previous play-throughs, or is this your first char?

It’s basically my second char but still no noteworthy gear since I didn’t go till Ultimate with my first one.

Like you said: I can’t calculate with gear I don’t have.
I play selffound and will just see what I can respec at the time I have some +skills :wink:

By the way: Any specific Item suggestions or Faction recommendations?

edit: I guess it’s Kymon’s Chosen for Fire/Burn Damage