Advice on character progress

Hi all.

I’m currently playing my lvl 72 rifle Elementalist and I’m a bit torn where to go with endgame build, especially since one of the alternatives requires both masteries maxed (which isn’t refundable).

Here are my ideas;

My original build idea, Demo tree stops at 32 and sacrifices brimstone, but other skills aren’t as watered down as in my alternate build + I invest some points in wind devil for CC/debuff purposes.

This one uses maxed brimstone for more FS damage, with some other skills weakened in favor of maxing out Demo tree.

Any thought on which route to go? Thx in advance

P.S. feel free to critique my devotion system as well

Due to the mechanics of resist reduction you can not stack debuff from wind devils with elemental storm. See the advanced mechanics thread stickied at gameplay discussion if you want to know the details. So they are mutually exclusive, if you have one you do not need the other. Better go #2.

Storm totem does very modest damage, compensating for the fact that you can have 3 of them at once. It is also a spell and needs +storm totem items to shine. I’d drop it in a fire strike build completely. Also if I were you I’d drop canister in favor of grasping vines. Its stun duration was nerfed and not really good now, vines are leagues ahead, its probably the best CC skill right now.