Advice on farming blueprints

Hello lads,

Need advice on farming blueprints for my new Witchblade:

Been doing a bit of SoT and Ultimate hero/boss runs - almost no blueprint drops and the legendaries I’ve collected are of no use to this toon -> been doing this for roughly 20+ hours of combined gameplay, post levelling to max.

My char is not good enough to reliably farm neither Crucible nor deep SR.

Any hint would be highly appreciated.


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From my notes (and some thread on this forum):

Yes, the fastest way to farm blueprints is speed run SR 35-36. Of course, if you have a build that can stomp 75-76, that would be much better. But I’m talking about mid game when you still lack gear to push higher.

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cheers mates, not so sure I can cope with that level but I’ll give it a try. On a crappier toon I’ve manged sth like 25 so maybe with this one, I could push a wee more.

Much appreciated!

Definitely SR runs. Pre it used to rain blueprints in Nomral SR60. Now they come in at a trickle and it doesn’t seem to be much better in Elite or Ultimate. I usually get 0-2 per run in N-SR75, E-SR60, and U-SR35.

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That would have been my follow-up question: which difficulties & levels of SR?

But lovely explained, cheers!

Sorry, I abbreviated Normal, Elite and Ultimate with N, E and U.

I haven’t found much difference between Normal and Elite SR60 for blueprints. Though you definitely get 1.5x more legendary items in Elite. There also seems to be diminishing returns on blueprint drops as you learn more of them.

A bit off topic, but, does anyone of you have an idea how to get the blueprint for “Dirge of Arkovia”?
I just cannot seem to find it. Is it just Crucible and SR?

I just discovered how fun and easy it is to do crucible in a party yesterday. Just joined a random host and they were pretty welcoming.

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No vendor is mentioned. That means it is a random drop. And AoM expansion is required.

As a thank you and hint to other new players:

As soon as one hits 100 with their first toon, the best course of action to find blueprints is indeed farming SR Normal. Provided that the char is well rounded (with capped Resistances + adequate OA/DA/Armour) one could easily delve quite deep into SR Normal.

With my Witchblade, managed to consistently farm SR 75&76 Normal and after some 30 Runs gathered the recipes I needed and then some -> without logging out (as to avoid duplicate farming), managed to also horde in an impressive 91 Legendaries.

Thank you all for the help and have fun playing Grim Dawn!


Hey! Congratulations.

Yep, and 30% overcap is plenty. After that you can use +DA and +Health armor mods from Conclave of the Three to get ever more tanky.

As for duplicates. The only way I know to get a duplicate recipe is to have the recipe in your inventory but not learned (or from a quest reward). As soon as a recipe is learned it will no longer drop as loot. I don’t know if loot is pre-determined in chests prior to opening but to be safe I read recipes as soon as they drop prior to opening more chests. Cheers.

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