Advice on order of skill points to invest in a pure soldier build

Hi guys,

Rolling with mace + board soldier build using Cadence + Blitz as main form of attack with War Cry + Fighting Spirit. Will have Menhir’s also.

My question is in what order do you recommend I max my skill’s? Max active skills first or passive? Or level both evenly?

Thanks for any advice/ feedback.

If you are playing sc max out cadence line first then w/e you want imo. Hc you might want to go a lil more even for more hp/survivability but it depends on if you have gear waiting at certain lvls to cover survivability issues.

Priority: Blitz+deadly momentum, Rush Bulwark. Bind Falcon Swoop to blitz until you get better devotions.

Have at least 5 points in cadence, slowly maxing it,

Play above with at least 5-6 in overguard for hard stuff.

I’d worry about shield training in elite/end of veteran at best.

I could recommend using Warcry + Break morale.