Aether gunslinger build/builds

Hi there everyone , i need help with making some aether gunslinger builds since no one is rly doing any that kind of builds. So far i ended up with smthing like this , dmg is ‘‘okayish’’ lacks aoe abit but burst is okay , can quite tons of stuff including all purples , ulgrim, mogdrogen and nemesis (kubacabra requires u to move ounce in a while since pools lifesteal him) this is 100 % elemental to aether apostate . I am rly glad it worked out in the end .

so this is it for now

Grimtool link as the post title, you clever bastard.
Also you actually kill Mogdrogen with this build? Ultimate? How? I assume you need some insane DPS and lifesteal since your lightning resistance is terrible.

This looks cool, I can belive that this is strong with the 100% conversion. And what kind of help do you need? :slight_smile:

I need to fix armor or make better constelations . Just any ideas to improve this build or even post your own aether gunslinger builds if u have them :smiley:

How does it fare in gladiator crucible?

Looks nice and innovative!
I am looking forward to a real in depth guide :smiley:

Hi there , well i havent solo mog on ultimate yet :slight_smile: i soloed mog on elite u got that part . So far facetanked Grava’Thul,Ulgrim,Flesh Master,Kuba(with backing up when 15 + pools) and all purples in the game .
And here is updated build , for now it is full build
BladeAndShadow< I am testing Gladiator now .