Aether Krieg Battlemage options?

yeah,a real shame with the casting speed thing for forcewave,you do get a lot of it as battlemage anyways,but all that attack speed from lucius is wasted,maybe there is a different aether wep?

also dont see attack speed for reckless power on krieg,unless im blind or i missed in patch notes

and does the rending force change from pierce to physical not mean a huge boost to forcewave convertion in aether?

Also my thinking with forcewave over blade arc is…forcewave has more weapon %,and more physical damage that can be converted,blade arc brings in a bunch of wasted bleed dmg

Hmmm this beginner build Krieg Battlemage has max casting speed anyway

hah yeah,still it just feels bad seeing that huge attack speed going to waste :stuck_out_tongue: might do the trick for Forcewave. Full conversion + %Casting Speed with good rolls.

dont see that wep being worth,Lucius rols with casting speed often anyways,and the weapon proc itself is bonkers

i guess i just have to wait for patch and see if the rending force change makes it all the more stronger than blade arc

also,does stuff like flat aether damage even affect forcewave?or is it considered a spell?

It has %WD, so yes.


I’m not sure anymore, maybe it can be good now in this setup. Btw if you decide to play it, you can mod it to look like this which was the whole point for me of me making the Aether FW I mentioned. You won’t have Aether RE though.

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wow that looks amazing,the sound of forcewave also is kinda weak,not meaty and…physical hiting enough i guess

I change its sound too, I can’t stand the default one.

Well, either cast or attack speed will go to waste. :man_shrugging:

Or actually both if you go for pure aether Blitz. I like the idea of aether FW although you need plenty of skill points for your nodes and items with them usually don’t support aether. BA it’s easier to cap main skill and Cadence have some aether support+Zolhan, very good WPS skill for 2H melee build.

yeah you are right ofc the overcapping thing is proly more common than i ever bothered to notice

and yeah,forcewave does have that downside of needing more points,and you already want a bunch of stuff in arcanist

i just found it odd that i never made a battlemage…when arcanist and soldier are my 2 fave solo masteries

also i just realised,battlemage has some INSANE casting speed…reckless power,mental alacrity and squad tactics,kraken is also getting buffed this patch wow

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You can also check this one out [WIP] Beginner's Lazy Battlemage Diary although it’s not full Krieg

Also Fleshwarped core has this advantage of being sold by Hyram so you can great affixes quickly I guess by restarting the session.

oh yeah,that wep can roll with a bunch of amazing stuff,my reply to Willnoword was pretty ignorant haha,sorry

also…how has haunt not been nerfed? i see it used in way to many endgame builds with aether,juggernaut also feels insane for lvl 35

just started lvling this build to try this setup out and a +5 forcewave shamblers just droped with a laundry list of resistence kekw

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btw in those builds you linked,wouldnt Terrify be a good addition for the RR?

There are other sources of Reduced Target’s Resistances in these builds and they don’t stack, the highest one applies.

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Nery helped me put this together so figured I would share. I made it because I found the weapon and figured something should happen but I am not sure how good it really is. I am also still going through the dlcs and messing around.

Thanks for the pointers again @Nery :slight_smile:


I use this setup :
Cadence + blitz similar to the basic oldschool krieg cadence builds.

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