Aether resistance

Im struggling really, reallly hard with aether resistance.

I use spirit potion , i saw 1 or 2 aether resistance in devotion but not many gears with aether res .

Can somebody give me a hint plz.

The Guardian of Solael in Broken Hills
The pants he drops have decent amount of aether resistance

That is the only guaranteed source of aether resistance I am aware the rest of it is RNG on greens or random legendaries

I kiiled him many times , never got his pants ?

Drop rate is about 25% from my cursory data mining, just gotta keep at it. Also if you’re willing to farm Nemesis shoulders, the Warding yellow prefix in that slot is stronger than average and gives a nominal 44% aether res. Depending on the situation of your other resists you can also just spam craft boots until you get nice ones with an aether res affix.

Otherwise look into aether res granting components and augments. Aether is one of those resists that people need to cap this way very often.

Angrim, do you have a blueprint fot aether soul component? It can be used in medals and amulets and provides 16% aeth resist.

P.S: As for gear, 2 pieces of Herald and 3 pieces of Praetorian epic sets also give you aeth resistence.

Ty.I didn’t even know this pants exist.Everyday is knowledge.

Thanx mate.Port valbury is for me a living nightmare.It will help a lot.

Port Valbury sucks even with 80+ Aether Resistance imo. :smiley:

Craft yellow recipe rings, amulets, Belts & Medals until you get a decent one with either Incorruptible or Warding Prefix.

Thanx mate.

Runestone component for head armor gives 12%. Purified Salt component for weapon/shield/focus gives 20%. One of the level 40 ring/amulet augments at Devil’s Crossing gives 10% and you can have up to 3 of them. One pair of faction boots at Homestead gives Aether res as well - % depends on which tier boots you get. There is some other faction gear that gives Aether res also, but I can’t remember which off the top of my head - one Black Legion piece.

Thanx for you help mate , i hope dorian gray is ok.