Aetherial missives - crafting

Hi, to craft missives from mutagens i have to drop the relative blueprint? And have i to go to some particular blacksmith in order to do that?

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

You have to go east of the Malmouth Outskirts riftgate.

There is no blueprint. There is an Aetherial smith in the Malmouth Outskirts, similar to the Cursed Smith in the Necropolis, who does it.

Actually there are two options to craft aetherial missives.

The first one, as it was already mentioned, is Gaius Ember - aether smith near riftgate in Malmouth Outskirts. You will need Aetherial Mutagen and 10000 iron bits to get 1 missive.

The second option is Malmouth Resistence blacksmith Kaylon located in Malmouth SteelCap District near the riftgate (Resistence base). You will need Tainted Brain Matter x6 + Polished Emerland and 35000 iron bits to get 1 missive.