Affixes and suffixes not in grimtools

Hey guys,

so we all agree that grimtools is pretty accurate when it comes to gear. I’ve even seen it said that if you can’t duplicate an item in grimtools then it is not legitimate. I have to challenge this assertion. I’ve now picked up several items that I cannot replicate in grimtools. When I say pick up I mean dropped as loot either from enemies, chests or in crucible. I got an amazing alkamos scythe that cannot be reproduced because the suffix in grimtools doesn’t exist for the weapon.

Has anyone else run into this?

What was the suffix?

Of frostbite. I would screenshot the item but every time I print screen in GD I just get a black image.

It does

How did you find the suffix? I looked through the whole list several times and also searched for it but found nothing.

It’s a magic suffix, did you turn the filter on?

Right. Didn’t realise that it was a magic suffix. I assumed it being on a rare weapon would make it a rare suffix. Now I feel stupid. That also explains another prefix I could not find. Thanks for the head’s up.