Affixes are not working properly, help!

Well, yeah as you all know Grim Quest has new masteries and with new masteries should come new affixes. I have made a handful of them for the time being (not nearly as many as GD has, which is an insane amount of work), but they are not working properly.

To test properly and make sure no names are being used by other affixes, I have made really silly codenames to ensure I know what is what, so that should explain what you will see in the images below.

Example 1:

OK so fireman should give +1 to earth skills, and 4% dexterity(cunning) and 4% intelligence(spirit).

Problem is, it doesn’t, as you can see.

Now here are the stats in the dbr editor…

The affix is spawning on the items, the items are getting… some kind of affix, but its not mine. My affix has no stats for health, but it’s getting health somehow anyway. I’m sure the tag is unique (something like tagPrefixTQ001), so what’s the problem? I’m obviously missing something but I don’t know what. Is it an issue in the prefix table? Should the prefix levelmin/max be different? I currently have it set to be 4-300 on all affixes, with a weight of 1000 on all of them.

Is it the dynamic tables maybe? shrug This, among other things, are what have been holding back the last update for Grim Quest for a looong time now. I thought it might have been the tables but these are not custom spears or staves so…i dunno. I’m super confused.

of course i figure it out shortly after… I restarted asset manager, remade my text file with the tags and rebuilt it, looks like it’s working right now. shrug