Alberects aether ray any good?

I want to make a warlock char that uses that and the transmuter for chaos damage but the damage seems pretty weak for it’s energy cost. I want some opinions from people who have used it please :slight_smile:

I have a non-transmuter aether ray focused sorcerer, and the damage is pretty impressive (sitting at 70% crit dmg with it though) regulary crits for like 8-10k on debuffed mobs, and that’s per 0.3seconds.

So you can imagine it’s quite a bit of damage, unfortunately i am unable to sustain it for long even with 100 energy regen and almost 50% reduced skill energy cost.

They’ve like triple buffed it recently with the animation-cursor-follow-buff and now the animation speed buff (how fast it starts casting after you cast it, it was really slow 1 patch ago)

It would be a far better skill if it pierced, but then i guess they might have to nerf it to compensate.

IMO, pretty good skill, unfortunately ridiculous energy cost. Overall kinda meh.

Aether ray + Aldnar & Devastation is a solid combo, ray melts bosses while devastation takes care of packs

I have felt chaos version to be inferior to aether, especially annoying in BOC

Actually, Warlock and druid and sustain the energy cost, not that hard. Endgame gear can boost you to 300 energy+/sec so not a big deal. I killed every boss with druid except avatar so it pretty much viable to play.