Aleksander burst healing skill

Hi, I can’t seem to find his healing skill anywhere in the grimtools. Basically, I meet him a lot in Crucible 150-170 and he just keeps healing himself and other hero monsters every few second (from almost dead to full health). Does anyone know how good is his healing? And how to counter this?

Man, compare to his healing, Kuba’s feel like an obedient child.:furious:

Are you sure there’s no Myrmidons or Supporter heroes nearby? Because Aleksander doesn’t have any healing ability.

Hill the heroes around him or other myrmidons, they are the annoying ones as norzan said

You can see from 6:05 onwards. I really struggled to finish him off. I’m not even sure which dude healed him (and others). It was kind of messy. Around 7:30-8min, there was only him and a dude called Ullana Everfreeze left,and Aleksander was healed twice (2x) during this time.

Edited: Oh yes, it is him.

This dude can heal allies for 80% HP. Man, how am I supposed to know which one can heal in Crucible when things are messy and I’m not that familiar with the hero monsters. So the only trick is to kill all hero monsters on screen before proceeding to Alek you mean?

Yes yes, kill everything wearing a robe then Alex:D. They are super annoying

In crucible they spawn in the upper right corner on All maps. What you do is you rush them! And all will be well, provided you have the dps to do that

80% Health Restored ???

Should not be able to heal aleks, or should be max 20%…its beyond OP ! so thats what heals at 161…any other that heals…cause it would be easiest to check their names and kill them 1st…

In my video, when there were only Alek and that healing dude left, I focused on Alek, brought him down to like 5% HP, and then POP!!!, he got to near full health.

Man, this Ullana dude should be banned in Crucible. Such evil crime.

Normally we can see which ones are being healed, but not who does the healing.

It seems every Ascendant Myrmidon hero can heal, so kill them before anything else.

Good to know ! Still…80% is OP … no doubt about it…at least in crucible ! Takes to long to finish waves with heal, and sometimes, the map wave even has +500% ADCTH for them…which…is…:rolleyes:

When wave 161 starts you have to bum rush three Myrmidon heroes right away. It’s either them or three Bloodsinger type of heroes (like Ugdenbog cannibal types with pistols) and they all heal Alexander.