Alkamos and blue puddles .

Just been into SoT for the first time since the patch .

Prepatch he would lay a blue puddle , I would skip around him , fight a bit , puddle would go he would then drop a new one , I would skip around him , so on and so forth .

Been in twice now since the patch and boy he likes to lay those puddles now , He lays a puddle , I skip around him , he lays another straight away , now 2 in close proximity , run away to get some clearance , he lays another , now there is 3 on the floor .

So Definite change there .

He must be stacking 2x Alkamos Anguish

He casts the puddles with his version of Shadow Strike, but it’s also a separate ability. I have no idea if this is correct or not, but it might be that the Shadow Strike disrespects cooldowns, so it’s possible for there to be multiple puddles(one from SS, one from ability, one from SS again).

Or you could have gotten very lucky and have the chance to find both of his rings when you kill him.

Never seen it before the patch , but I have to say I did not even know he had an epic ring set he can drop :slight_smile: