Alkamos Scythe MI

Has anyone had much experience farming Alkamos for his MI scythe? I’m farming for the level 94 version on ultimate. Done about 250 runs and it’s dropped only once with a really crappy suffix. According to grimtools it’s drop rate is 22.11% (if he spawns actually holding it) but it feels like way less. I have gotten 2 sets of his purple rings and about 8 Soulrends while farming for the MI lol. Am I just really unlucky here? Maybe my expectations are just too high? Anyway, I’m curious to hear other players experiences farming for it.

My Scythe drops are quite satisfying. Like, indeed around 20% I’d say.
Your experience puzzles me, hell 250 runs.
As always: You’re sure to always have an eye on your loot filter?

Yeah it’s puzzling me too, I have everything ticked in my loot filter because I started getting paranoid lol. Must just be really unlucky…Makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong :cry:

levelled a budget guy using the Scythe in - and in total I did around 12 runs and had more than one (the final used one was a Frostborn of Alacrity)

Isn’t the drop chance 42% now? Notable loot - Alkamos, Lord Executioner - Grim Dawn Monster Database

That’s not RNG, sth is definitely broken or done wrong.

btw I wonder if you know about Shadow Strike (or similar skill from medal augment) skips - here’s one to the entrance of Steps of Torment, there are 2 inside as well: (22:05) Shadowstrike Skip Guide - Grim Dawn ZIPPING - YouTube


the drop rate for the lvl 94 version is 22% - but 1 sucess out of 250 runs is a rather unlikely case ( < 1e-16)

Am I not reading this table correctly (might be)?

has Alkamos really level 106? Than you are reading the table correct (I assumed a lower level of him)

ah, that was a guess, you might be right, it’s split btw two variants at a bit lower levels

Yeah I’m a rehab, I neglected to consider the whole loot filter, I had tunnel vision and was looking on the left hand panel only. I’m not entirely sure what takes priority, but 2 handers were turned off while MI were turned on. Maybe I thought having MI checked would be enough when I set it up. Confusion aside I just did about 15 runs and had about 3 scythes drop for me. So yeah, that was a mistake that cost me many hours, hard and stupid lesson to have to learn. Fortunately not all those runs were a waste, got a few purples that I need for my build so that’s something. Building a cold conversion forcewave blademaster.
Also thanks heaps for those skips, i’ll definitely learn those.


personally suggests these filter settings for endgame farm

tis what i call a “neutral” filter
doesn’t get flooded with crap (regular rares), while not missing out on any MI at all, “alt char potential”, and still gets the expensive double rares to sell to vendor


Sounds like my kind of filter, thanks for sharing! I’ll probably use this from now on :slight_smile:

You might want to check files. Not complaining but I once got stuck with ToH on Basti and Sethris, dual ring drops, 8 times. I had to reinstall.

You can tell what MI Alkamos will drop by looking at what he’s holding. Same applies to Soulrend.


Sounds like you resolved the issue but for what it’s worth, you can hold left-Alt (by default) to show all items regardless of your current filter settings. I use it to make sure I’ve grabbed everything after picking through the SR loot room.

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I’m not entirely sure what takes priority, but 2 handers were turned off while MI were turned on. Maybe I thought having MI checked would be enough when I set it up..


I have done more Alkamos runs than I could count, and it dropped maybe once. Never found any of the Legendary rings though.

Try again with the new patch. I feel like I get a ring every 2nd encounter.

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I only found the scythe after the patch. Since then I did like 3 runs and got nothing at all.

usually, it was 50 runs per ring, now double chances by half would be 25 runs average guarantee for a alkamos ring.