Allow a grace period before having to place the town centre

When you first start up the game, the town centre is sort of stuck to your cursor, making it quite a struggle to explore for a good spot to place it. It takes up part of the visibility and makes me feel kind of pressurised. I feel it would be nicer if you could either have two or three months to settle in before finally placing it, or at the very least pause the game and get the wretched thing off your cursor and out of your face while you scan around the area and make your decision.

Well time is stopped until you place it ; that’s good from my point of view. Having 2 or 3 months to settle would make us closer to winter and therefore make it more difficult to prepare for the first winter.

However, it’s true that having a clear view, not obstructed by the building, when exploring the region would be nice. You’d click a button once you are ready to place the town center and voila.

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It would be nice to be able to toggle the building.

However, you can work around this currently by moving your cursor one of the top two corners of your screen, effectively minimizing its visual presence, and use WASD to move around instead of the mouse. Not as clean as a change in the feature would be, but pretty close.

Even just a button to toggle its display. It would be entirely contextual so the Show/Hide Town Centre would only work in that phase of the game.

Don’t forget to screenshot all the map / areas.
Soon as you have your town center down, fog of war will occlude pretty much the rest of the initially visible map sections beyond the building area.

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