Allround Trickster for hardcore ez-mode

Hello, my first guide in any arpg. Nice. I played and play alot of Path of Exile. Along PoE I play other arpgs as well, and Grim Dawn is by far the best when it comes to hardcore. Other games are too laggy or they don’t run well on my pc.

So here is the “guide”.

Short description:
Our two main skills are Wind Devil and Blade Spirit. Both are unkillable minions, which we have to refresh every now and then. They scale with player stats and they can trigger mighty Devotion Skills like Reckless Tempest and Blizzard, which we do. So basically we are running around like mad maniacs on mdma, casting our devils and spirits and watch everything get wrecked by lighting or icy meteors. Rest of our points we focus on defence with Pneumatic Burst and Blade Barrier, if things are getting ugly.

using minions that scales with player stats -> you can stay out of trouble
4 auras with options for more
Ez max res, even on ultimate
reflect immunity
main damage is coming from the devotion tree -> gear flexible
3 seconds immunity for everthing
healing button
you can loot while you kill
not a clickfest build (don’t like them)

you are not dealing large dps numbers or crits
not a clickfest build (but, they can be fun)
is kind of difficult figuring out what stats scale best (cunning or spirit)

I find it easiest to level with Shamans Primal Strike. Level as you like, as fast as you can. When you hit the level, in which you have both Masterys on level 50, you can respec the points in Wind Devils Maelstrom and Raging Tempest and level Blade Spirit. Rest of the points you assign into Stormcallers Pact. Build should start working at level ~75 and when you have access to Reckless Tempest and Blizzard. I am currently at 81, beginning Act 2 Ultimate.

Blade Spirit -> max
Wind Devil -> 1 point
Wind Devils passives -> max
Merciless Repertoire -> max
Veil of Shadow -> 1point
Nights Chill -> max
Auto attack -> from component, I use Beronaths Fury, we don’t use our auto attack very often

Mogdrogens Pact -> 1 Point
Oak Skin -> max
Heart of the Wild -> 1 Point
Wendigo Totem+Passive ->1 point
Pneumatic Burst -> the number of points you are feeling comfortable with,
my Burst heals me for 26% of my max life, I find it enough.
Shadow Dance -> I leveled it, but it is for your taste, you can level it if you want.
Phantasmal Armour -> Point

Shadow Strike with passives -> 1 point

With Shadow Strike you can get pretty fast to a pack, and then kite around it. Just don’t aim for the middle of the pack. I use it primary to fast cross distances. We are not melee! (But you can build it as one, I just don’t like use melee in hardcore).

Reckless Tempest -> assign to Blade Spirit
Blizzard -> assign to Wind Devil

you assign on the tree Empty Throne, Hawk, Chariot of the Dead (I like it in HC), Viper, Eel, first two points of Behemoth. Don’t forget you can respec the starting middle Devotion Points.

Char Stats:
I put most points in physicue (currently at ~900)
Spirit and Cunning are both at ~600

Components-> Aether Ward aura from Component, Beronaths Wrath from Component
Rest -> use the components that give you life and resistances.

Gear: use anything that gives you res, life,

Relic: I use Nemesis. Nemesis gives you antoher Minion, that scales with player stats and it is affected by your Auras. When you have Nemesis, you can also skill Tsunami on Devotion Tree and assign it to Nemesis. Alternative for Nemesis is Eye of the Storm.

Amulett: The Peerless Eye of Beronath to debuff the monsters with Beronaths Gaze

Medal: Mark of Dark Dreams to empower Nights Chill

Rings: I like Wrath of Alkamos Rings, Cold Damage is important and you get Rimefire! Also -> Farming Alkamos gives you his Scythe, which is also very good for the build, since you get very strong Shadow Strike Version from it, and it gives you massive boost in cold and lightning damage (with the right mods).

Grim Calc without gear (and devotion option on grim calc doesn’t work properly in my browser, I guess I can update):
I would have posted, but there is a dumb rule, where I have to have three or more posts.

Sorry for the lack of gameplay videos, I just don’t have the software yet to record something. When requested, I will get some and try to upload something.
Have fun wrecking mobs while looting :cool: