Alternative to my stash

Greetings, I have a quick question I have been looking for an alternative to my stash needs. I have been using item assistant as well as GM Stash but as of late I have been having trouble with these programs. Does anyone know of any other programs I can try?

simple, the best, changes the stash without cheattools, no installation requiered

There is also NTQV3, never used that myself though, so cannot really comment on it.

What kind of trouble are you having with IA and GDS ? Depending on what that is, switching tools might not fix anything (the fact that you have issues with both sounds like they are not caused by the tools, but independent of them)

Thank you for replying. With IA it has stopped looting items from the stash and the buttons under the settings, advanced tab are grayed out. Where it says advanced settings - stash configuration I can no longer select tabs 1 through 5.

With GD stash after fiddling around with it for several hours with its different settings I finally got it working again, but I’m still not confident that at some point it will stop working for some unknown reason.

I’m just looking for something that reliably works each and every time I use it.

Given that there are exactly two relevant settings (where is GD installed and where are your savefiles located), I have no idea what you did all those hours…

If it ‘stopped working’ the only explanation is that you switched between cloud and local save without updating its savefile dir. It will always work as long as GD and the tool agree on where your savefiles are.