Am I missing anything in SR ultimate on Shard 45 please

I cant do final part of this with either of my two death knights or spellbinder I get completely wrecked in seconds. Have used waystone to jump to Shard 50 and all three of them walk through this with no problem?
Also I have 3 parts of shattered realm set at what level does the final piece drop once I get that I am never coming back to SR I just hate it. Its taken me all week just to get here.

L60 is where you can buy it.

SR 45 features the “blue” ennemies, shattered versions of regular bosses like Krieg, Lucius, Shar’Zul… there are many of them and some combinations are deadly. so i can understand why you struggle here.

that said you have a good chance of having a Nemesis in Shard 50 too along with some powerful bosses.

Thank you v.much

Any blue enemies is a headache since they come with a full screen meteor that deal mixed damage type i believe? And buffed up stats.

Either kill them first or aggro abuse…Reroll if shattered anasteria :rofl:

yes when you fight het as soon as you see the rr icon… run for your life :scream: