Am I the only one who can play...

Am I the only one who can play for a long time not realizing that my Buffs/Auras got turned off because of energy drain. Just running around thinking I’m wrecking face, when really I’m at half power.

Nah I’ve been there too bro.

Pretty sure that’s everyone

Well that makes me feel better, because usually afterwords I feel kind of stupid for not noticing.

Usually happens to me when i fight Loxmere and enemies with energy burn weapons. I completely forgot that my buffs were removed and just casually continue to kill mobs.

How about a game crash and getting right back in action, without realizing due to that crash you lost your buffs?
Always funny if it is your hc char, because suddenly you realize, hey there is something wrong, followed by a DOH! (and facepalm), luckely it didn’t cause a death yet.

Hahaha how about this?! I’ve got my “active” skills on the main skill bar and all my auras/passives on the other one. After activating my passives, I sometimes forget to switch back to my “main” skills… So, instead of casting my attacks/spells I just keep switching my buffs on and off :rolleyes:

I have been everyone in this thread, sometimes in a single play session.

Or forgetting to re-enable them after you die…only to die again because of it.
Derp :rolleyes:

I have switched skill bars to activate buffs and not switched back so many times, and still there I am like “WTF is going on” and then I realize I’m a moron!!!